how to fit glass in window

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Begin at one outside corner of the windowframe and go around the entire perimeter of the frame. Use a putty knife to press the glazingcompound into the groove, where you will set the new pane of glassin place. Press the glassfirmly into the compound to help seal out moisture.

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  • How do you put glass in a window frame?

  • Set the bottom of the glass into the frame first. Once it鈥檚 seated, press the top edge of the glass pane into the sash. Use the glazing shovel (a small, trowel-like plastic tool) to push the glass frames back so that they fit snugly in place.

  • How do I choose the right type of glass for Windows?

  • Unless the pane is very small, order double-thick glass; single-thick glass breaks easily. In a door, sidelight, or other high-traffic areas, order shatter-resistant glass. Be sure to wear thick gloves, long clothing, and protective eyewear when handling shattered glass. Tiny, nearly invisible splinters can cause injury.

  • How do you apply window putty to glass?

  • Press the putty into the seam between the glass and the window frame with your fingers. Smooth the glazing compound around the pane using a putty knife. Hold the putty knife down at a 45-degree angle.

  • How will the glass be cut to fit the frame?

  • The glass will be cut to fit the frame you order so you only have to worry about getting the right size frame. The glass will also be cut to allow room for the heads of the frame fixing screws at the side of it. When you insert the glass you will need to space it out so the borders are equidistant in the frame.

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