how to fit flexi hose to taps

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Fit kitchen taps with flexible hoses bytightening them with fingers. Be sure to take care of the warm and cold-water inlets when installing the pipes. The left side is used for installing the hot water supply pipe and the right side can be fitted with a cold-water supply pipe.

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  • How do you screw a flexi hose to a valve?

  • Pop down to screwfix with the flexi hose and they’ll give you the bit you want. You could screw it on to the end of you iso valve where the olive and nut would normally sit, but unless the end of the iso valve has a flat end it will cut through the rubber washer.

  • How does a push fit tap connector work?

  • This is a push fit, flexible tap connector with a built in isolation valve. Absolutely excellent for units where access is difficult. The chrome nut at the top connects to the tap thread after inserting a fibre washer (I) and the black end is simply pushed over either a chrome pipe (G) or a copper pipe (H).

  • What is a compression fitting tap connector?

  • This is a compression fitting tap connector. The nut is tightened to the thread on the tap and there is a nut on the other end which contains an Olive. The Olive is fed over the end of the copper pipe and the nut tightened down onto it.

  • What size are the internal and external diameter of tap fittings?

  • The internal diameter at the female screwed nut end measures appx 14 -15 mm and the male end that screws into the tap is appx. 8 mm external diameter. There have been suggestions that these are European sizes and thread pitches. Can anyone advise me where I might obtain a suitable fitting to connect these tails to the 15mm copper supply pipes?

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