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how to fit exhaust fan in bathroom india

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What is the exhaust fan in a bathroom?

Exhaust fans are an essential appliance for that purpose. In a kitchen, exhaust fan sucks out smoke, fume and prevents grease or other formation from building up on your wall or ceiling. Similarly, in a bathroom it sucks out bad odour, stale and very humid air hence improving the quality of the air inside.

Which is the best ceiling exhaust fan for bathroom in India?

If you need a Ceiling exhaust fan for the bathroom in India, nothing can compete with this fan. #3. Kaff Exhaust Fan LYRA LR6 150 mm (Black) This uniquely designed exhaust fan comes with a glass panel with an LED light that helps keep your room fresh while giving a great look to your room.

How to choose the right exhaust fan for your home?

When it comes to choosing an exhaust fan, there are many factors to consider. Everything from the size of the room to the climate you live in can tell you something about the type of exhaust fan you need. Below are best ones to buy in India.

Which is the best 250 mm fan in India?

Crompton Brisk 250 mm Air Exhaust Fan Crompton is one of the oldest and popular brands in India. One of the products from their wide range is Crompton Brisk Air – a high-speed ventilating fan which sucks out bad air and fumes within just minutes. Its sleek and stylish design adds charm and elegance to your beautiful kitchen dcor.

Determine the Fan Size

It’s easiest to install a bathroom vent fan if you’re replacing an existing fan. You can use the existing switch, wires and ductwork. Also, it helps to get a fan that’s the same size as your existing fan so you won’t have to adjust the size of the ceiling hole. Use the information below to select a fan.

Determine the Exhaust Route

Bathroom fan installation requires outside ventilation. If the fan isn’t accessible through an attic, you’ll need to vent through a sidewall of your house. These types of ducts and vents are typically installed when the house is built. If you don’t have a duct leading to a sidewall vent, call a professional for help.

Determine Your Electrical Options

It’s easiest to use an existing switch for your new fan. Some fans include a light that can be operated separately with an additional switch or double switch. However, if your old fan doesn’t have a light, you’ll need to install new wiring to operate a double switch.

Remove the Old Exhaust Fan

Remove your existing fan. How you install the new one will depend on your attic access.

Option 1: Mount an Exhaust Fan With Attic Access

Always follow the specific instructions that were included with your fan. The following are typical steps for an exhaust fan installation when you have access to the attic.

Option 2: Mount an Exhaust Fan Without Attic Access

Always follow the specific instructions that were included with your fan. The following are typical steps for an exhaust fan installation when you don’t have access to the fan from the attic.

How to Install an Attic Duct With a Roof Vent

These steps outline how to install a flexible duct with an attic roof vent. If you’re not comfortable working on a ladder, call a professional for help. An insulated duct will help prevent condensation when the warm air from the bathroom meets the cold duct in the attic.

What happens if you don’t have a ventilation system in your bathroom?

If we do not install any ventilation system in our bathrooms, it will cause odor and sweaty effects to the bathroom which is very unpleasant. And exhaust fans are the perfect solution to this.

Why is it important to select the right bathroom fan?

Selecting the right bathroom fan is an important step. That’s because you do not want to install an exhaust fan blocking the entire window. You should consider two things while choosing the fan.

Is it safe to wipe puddles off a bathroom floor?

The puddles or the water on the bathroom’s surface is very hazardous. We often tend to wipe this off, but it should not be done. Let the exhaust fan do its work. Dry the surface so that it does not cause any harm.

Do exhaust fans need to be installed?

Exhaust fan installation needs to be done properly. An exhaust fan requires vent installation and extensive electrical wire as well. So, it would be better if you take help from someone professional.

How to fix a Lexan fan?

To fix the fan, you need to make some holes for screws to fit in. You need them drilled into the Lexan. It would help if you put the fan on the Lexan for the holes to be in precise positioning after that carefully drill in a straight angle.

How to make space for exhaust fan?

To make space for the exhaust fan, it is important to cut out a hole for it. Although there are several different methods to do, we recommend that you use a glass cutter because that is the best way to get a clean cut out.

Can you install a bathroom fan?

For places that never seem to dry out, installing a bathroom fan is the answer. Windows, doors, window sills, bathroom paint, and fabrics such as towels and drapes are all vulnerable to moisture-laden air. Getting rid of bathroom odors and wetness provides for a far more enjoyable restroom experience for everyone.

Can Lexan exhaust fan be installed in window?

Now it’s time to reassemble the window with Lexan that has an appropriate hole to fit the exhaust fan into it. Now your window is ready for the installation of the exhaust fan.

Can you put an exhaust fan in an electric outlet?

Once you have mounted the case on the window, you can easily set the fan inside of it and then secure its position with a screw after that just put a cover and plug the fan in an electric outlet. Your exhaust fan has installed successfully. If you do not feel confident about fixing it, leave it to an electrician.

Can you put exhaust fan in glass window?

Know that you can’t introduce your exhaust fan in the glass window as you could be breaking it. Consequently, you have to supplant the glass with Lexan as that is a considerably more substantial material for the reason.

Can you use flexible tubing outside?

Your bathroom will not have ducts because this is a new installation rather than a replacement. You will be able to route the flexible tubing outside as long as you can access the attic space above the bathroom ceiling.

How to install a bathroom exhaust fan?

Installation of a bathroom exhaust fan is similar to that of any exhaust fan. Follow the given steps to successfully install a bathroom exhaust fan.

What is a Ventilair DSP?

The Havells Ventilair DSP is a metal Exhaust Fan with a 230mm sweep.

Does a bathroom exhaust fan remove urine odor?

Having a bathroom exhaust fan is necessary these days. By installing a ventilation fan in your bathroom will remove all the urine odors easily. You can use a bathroom refresher to remove bad smells.

Is Usha a brand?

Usha is a well known brand in Indian households for a long time now. The Crisp Air exhaust fan comes in with the same trust and quality that Usha has been bringing to the Indian Middle class since ages.

Why do you Need an Exhaust Fan?

If you are confused and not sure regarding your purchase then check out the benefits of an exhaust fan and we are sure that this will help you in coming to a concrete decision.

What is the most popular exhaust fan brand in India?

In India, some of the most popular brands for exhaust fans include Usha, Havells, Luminous, Crompton and Orpat. This post should help you decide on which exhaust fan to buy online.

What is a corrosionless exhaust fan made of?

The corrosion-less body of the exhaust fan is made from high-quality metal which makes it durable and long lasting. This exhaust fan comes with 5 specially designed blades that ensure better air delivery compared to other exhaust fans.

What happens if you smoke in a room?

If the room is very humid then there are chances that the fabric inside the room and the walls of the room may start accumulating moisture and it may show signs of that. The walls may also accumulate tar if you have smoke inside the room. The exhaust fan can save you from such a turmoil.

How many watts does a bird guard exhaust fan use?

It comes in powdered coated metallic finish which blends well with any interiors. It just consumes 40 watts so you don’t have to worry about the power bills. This exhaust fan produces only 40 – 50 db which is tolerable enough.

Why is exhaust fan important?

The first and the most important benefit of using an exhaust fan is that it reduces the humidity levels in the room drastically. This is really important to ensure proper perspiration during the hot and dry days. Since the exhaust fan removes the air from the room, the humidity is also reduced drastically.

How loud is a high speed exhaust fan?

High speed metal exhaust fans have a high noise level of 74.3 dB while regular exhaust fans have a sound level of around 60 dB.

The number of blades

The next big thing that should be considered without fail when buying an exhaust fan is the number of blades.

Blade material

The next considerable factor that we have mentioned on the list is the blade material. However, many people don’t pay much attention to this but you should never miss checking on this factor for a reliable buy.

Sound level

Would you be happy buying an exhaust fan that makes interruptive noises while working? Well, surely not.

External Guard

While you are paying enough focus on all the essential parameters before buying the exhaust fan, you should be absolutely sure about the availability of an external guard.

Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are undenied necessities for any place. Have you chosen the right one?

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