how to fit drawer runners

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How To InstallDrawerRunnersStart by making a mark from a specified distance (begin measuring at the bottom of the drawer) according to the instructions you received with your slider. This mark will indicate where you will be securing your runnerto the drawer. Ensure that the piece is level with your spirit level and repeat on both sides.

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  • How do you attach a drawer runner to a cabinet?

  • Fully extend the drawer runner, release the plastic catch and remove the draw guide. Now close the runner and hold it over the pre-drilled holes inside the cabinet. The front edge of the runner should sit slightly back from the front of the cabinet. Screw the runner into place.

  • What is the side clearance of a drawer runner?

  • 80% extension 鈥?i.e. about four fifth鈥檚 of the length of drawer is exposed when fully opened Side clearance is 12.5 to 12.8mm Soft / self closing devices are available to fit in conjunction with this style of drawer runner

  • How do you put a drawer guide on a drawer?

  • Then slide both runners in and out to make sure they run freely. Line up the drawer guide with the bottom and front edges of the drawer. Screw the drawer guide into place. Then do the same on the opposite side of the drawer. To finish, slide the drawer guides into the drawer runners.

  • How to choose the right extension runner for your drawer?

  • For applications where you need full access to the back of the drawer, you will want to use a full extension runner, which covers the full length of a drawer. Generally, it uses three slides and two sets of stainless steel ball bearings. This version of the full extension runner incorporates a soft close technology.

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