how to fit diesel heater in caravan

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  • How does a diesel heater module work on a campervan?

  • The heater module is designed to sit on the floor of a camper, slide-on or caravan. The inlet air for combustion of the diesel and the exhaust enter from under the floor, via two ports and the kit included two flexible hoses that connect to these ports.

  • How do I install a 2KW heater in my caravan?

  • There is a genuine mounting plate for this type of installation,the plate can be viewed on the site. Click on the caravan on the hhome page, then click on Belief 2kw heater, follow this down the left hand side and you will come to mounting plate heavy duty. This makes the through floor fitting very easy.

  • What is the best caravan heater for You?

  • They both warm up your living area in your caravan, as well as heat water which is stored in the integrated stainless steel tank. The Truma Combi D6 is a diesel heater designed for caravans and large motorhomes. A huge benefit is that it uses a fan which allows the motorhome heater to work while you are driving.

  • How to install a diesel heater in a van?

  • One larger hole was made instead and the two supplied metal mounting plates used to sandwich the floor and be able to attach the heater. This larger hole was also beneficial so the heat of the exhaust didn鈥檛 touch the van. Larry headed under the van to attach the fuel line and exhaust. Also to screw the diesel heater in place.

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