how to fit crutches correctly

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How to fityour crutches: Stand tall with your shoes on. Make sure your shoes have low heels and good support. Put the crutchesunder your arms. Relax your arms and let them hang down over the crutches.

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  • What is the proper fitting for crutches?

  • Proper crutch fitting is important for safe crutch use as well as to prevent possible nerve damage in your arms or hands. Here are some simple but very useful tips: When standing up straight, the top of your crutches should be about 1-2 inches below your armpits.

  • How do you adjust a crutch pad?

  • Relax your arms and let them hang down over the crutches. Adjust the crutches so that at least 2鈥? inches (5.1鈥?0.2 cm) separate armpit and crutch pad. This is where many people get things wrong, thinking that the crutch pad should sit right beneath the armpit.

  • How do you use a wheelchair with crutches?

  • To stand up, hold both crutches by the hand grips in one hand and push up with the other hand on the chair. Then put one crutch under each arm. To sit down, place both crutches in one hand holding the hand grips together and reach for the chair with your other hand to lower yourself slowly.

  • Can you walk with only one crutch?

  • When walking with only one crutch, you should not need to make any changes to the crutch size or position. Typical progression from walking with crutches would be to walk with two crutches, one crutch, and then progress to walking with a cane. When using one crutch, it is often used on the opposite side of your injury or weakness.

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