how to fit blum soft close dampers

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  • Can I mount the Blum damper on any hinge?

  • The Blum Damper can ONLY be mounted on the reliable Blum CLIP Top and CLIP hinges, it may not be suitable for other hinge brand. Moreover, please Figure Out your hinge application (Full Overlay, Half Overlay, Inset) before you purchase, which are very very important.

  • What is Blum soft close?

  • Soft-close BLUMOTION BLUMOTION is the soft-close system developed by Blum. Thanks to BLUMOTION, furniture closes softly and effortlessly no matter how hard you slam fronts, doors or pull-outs or how heavy they are. The soft-close feature is integrated into lift systems, hinges, box, and runner systems.

  • Why choose soft close Blumotion?

  • Soft-close BLUMOTION is integrated in lift, hinge and pull-out systems. Hinges without integrated soft close can be easily retrofitted. Simply clip the BLUMOTION unit onto the hinge. The design and function of our fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of our products and services.

  • How to install Blumotion soft close drawers?

  • Retrofit Soft-close to Almost Any Drawer (Blumotion) Step 1: Obtain the Blumotion Mechanism. Purchasing the Blumotion drawer damper can be very expensive, if you can find it at all. However they … Step 2: Extract the Spring and Latch Mechanism From the Rail. Step 3: Extract the Spring and Latch …

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