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how to fit bathroom cladding

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How to install bathroom wall cladding1. Start at the corner furthest from the door …2. Install corner profile and the first panel …3. Ensure a 3mm expansion gap is left around fittings …4. Continue installing panels …

Can you fit cladding to a bathroom?

Before fitting your cladding to a bath make sure that you have adequately silicone sealed around your bath. Try to cut the cladding so that it is as close to the bath edge as possible while maintaining a proper level.

Can I cut the cladding around my bath?

Try to cut the cladding so that it is as close to the bath edge as possible while maintaining a proper level. We recommend hiring a qualified plumber to remove your basin and toilet prior to fitting cladding and to carry out any additional works if you’re not competent enough to do so.

How do I ensure I get the same panels for cladding?

Ensure you measure the area you intend to clad correctly. This is so that when you order your cladding you will receive panels from the same batch. Sometimes there can be slight variations in colour across different batches so make sure you use the same batch per installation.

How do you cut a piece of cladding?

If using a utility knife make sure you use something with a square edge such as a measuring square or wood saw to guide a straight cut along the panel face. When fitting this first length of cladding you will need to take into consideration what trim you need to fit for where you are cladding up to.

How to remove the front faceplate of an extractor fan?

When dealing with existing extractor fans you can remove the front faceplate of the extractor fan to reveal the fixing screws, remove these screws and pull the faceplate out of the hole.

How to cover a door panel with silicone?

Cut the panel as neat as possible between the cladding and the door frame then cover with a bead of silicone.

How do I cut a hole in a wall for cladding?

If you need to fit your cladding around any sockets or switches simply mark around the socket once your panel has been measured and cut to fit the wall, then cut the hole out with a stanley knife or multi tool.

How to secure final trim?

The final panel will need to be cut down to fit the required gap left over, glue the final trim onto the panel once cut to size, and use some good quality grip adhesive to secure the final panel in place and slide into the previous panels tongue and groove, ensure each end is tucked into the side trims securely.

What is MDF wood?

MDF/Wood surface or batten frame – wood screws, nails or staples. When screwing, drilling or nailing take into consideration possible cable runs from sockets or switches so that you do not damage them. They will either run directly horizontal or vertical from the outlet in each direction.

What is a mitre saw?

Mitre saws are a quick and precise method of cutting the mitres out of your trims, much quicker than using a square edge.

What to use to cut a panel?

If using a utility knife make sure you use something with a square edge such as a measuring square or wood saw to guide a straight cut along the panel face.

How to apply a snake to a tile panel?

On smooth surfaces such as tiles a “snake” of adhesive on the back of the panel is fine. On more uneven surfaces blobs of adhesive work best. Just apply the adhesive and push to panel in place loosely. Then apply more pressure until the adhesive blobs are flattened and the panel finds its own level.

What size trim should I use for external corner?

It is also possible ti use a standard tile edge trim for external corner – choose either an 8mm or 10mm trim depending on the depth of your cladding.

What are the advantages of panelling over tiles?

One of the major advantages of panelling rather than tiles is its ease of installation. Gone are the days of skimming, plastering, tiling and grouting. All messy, all time consuming and consequently expensive. Our quick guide to installing bathroom cladding will show you that the traditional methods are no longer needed and this new approach will result in a modern, easy to live with wall covering that will look good for years.#N#We have thousands of customers that have installed the cladding themselves as they are so easy to work with and produce stunning results every time. As long as you take your time and have a reasonable grasp of DIY there is no reason why you cannot fit these panels yourself.

How to cut wood panel?

The panels are easily cut with a handsaw or tenon saw – the finer the teeth the better. Lay the planks on workbench or supports and cut.

Is it easy to install bathroom cladding?

As you can see from our quick guide to installing bathroom cladding there is not a lot to it. Fitting cladding is about as easy as wall coverings get.

Should I Use A Bath Seal?

These trims fit up behind the panels or tiles. A thin flexible edge then sits on the bath forming a seal.

How to stop a bath from dropping?

Techniques include fitting a batten under the lip of the bath. This prevents the bath from dropping when it is filled with water. Grinding out a channel and plastering the bath into place is an alternative to this. If you have an existing bath cut lengths of batten to the height of the bath rim.

What is capping trim?

Capping Trim is used for exposed edges. So if you are only half panelling a wall and coming to a stop you would use a capping trim to cover up the edge. This trim is also used as an edge for ceiling panels. In this instance the back “leg” of the trim is cut away.

Why do we use trims?

The main reason for using trims is that they make installation easier. But they are not part of the fixing system

What is paneling into the corner of a room?

When you panel into the corner of a room you have several choices. This trim is used to help form the corner and cover up the cut edges. It means that you do not have to be as accurate with your cuts when you use this trim.

Can you bend panels to form an external corner?

So when the panels are used to form an external corner one or more of these unfinished edges will be visible. Bending the panels to form an external corner is possible but it is even more difficult than an internal corner. So a trim is the best answer. Most (but not all) internal corner trims are universal.

Is bathroom cladding cheaper than PVC?

bathroom cladding is easier to install. it will not warp, swell up or rot. it is much cheaper. Our advice is to choose PVC panels and try and use as few trims as possible. The more trims you use the more you detract from the overall look of the finished project.

How to attach adhesive to a panel?

Clip an end cap onto the panel for a flush fit, apply adhesive to the reverse side of the panel, and slot into place.

What class are ceiling spotlights?

Our ceiling panels are fire rated at Class 1 so don’t worry about heat damage.

How to cover a gap in a window?

Slide a panel into place overhanging the window area and mark the back of the panel with a pencil where it covers the window gap.

Do you need to install coving before installing wall panels?

Before installing the wall panels, you will need to install the coving trim ready for the panels to fit into.

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