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how to fit an ironing board cover

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How To Fit Ironing Board Cover {A Very Simple Guide}Choose the Right Size Look for an ironing board cover that’s the same size or slightly larger than your ironing board. …Fitting the Cover Unfold the cover and lay it on the bare ironing board. …Final Words Whatever methods the cover uses,the goal is to make sure the surface of the ironing board is flat and smooth. …

How to make an ironing board cover from scratch?

Steps Download ArticleRemove IBC and padding from ironing board. Important – do not cut the ties or the casing. …Mark a 1 margin all around the IBC. Measure 1 (2.5cm) from the outer edge of the casing all around the IBC.Cut the 1 (2.5cm) margin off from the old IBC. …Cut out the new IBC fabric. …More items…

How do you make an iron board cover?

how to make an ironing board cover tutorialCotton yardage that matches your ironing board length1 vintage 100% wool blanket – look for a cheap one often marked ‘cutter’,indicating it is for repurposing! …Rotary cutterYardage of 1/2″ elastic that matches the perimeter measurement of your boardBodkin or safety pinWonder clips or pinsIroning board; mine is a mini from Ikea

What should I look for in a good ironing board?

What Is A Good Ironing Board?Ventilation. A good board for ironing must have a proper ventilation system. …Adjustable Height. In our opinion,a perfect ironing board is one,which is adjustable. …Ironing Surface. The length and width determine an ironing surface. …Iron Rest. Most ironing boards do not have this feature because their manufacturers think that it is simply not essential.

How to make a portable ironing board?

What are the Steps In Making a Portable Ironing Board?Measure and Cut the Parts What are the procedures in measuring and cutting portable ironing board parts? …Fix the Parts Together How do you fix the parts of a portable ironing board together? …Secure the Parts

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How to tighten an ironing board?

Check one end of the cover, usually the end on the pointed end of the ironing board. You should two ends of a cord sticking out of the cover. Pull on this cords to tighten the cover around the board. Pass the cords through the toggle that came with the cover. Pull the cords again until the cover is sufficiently snug .

How to fit iron board cover?

But how to fit ironing board cover properly? When you are fitting an iron board cover, make sure it stretches snugly over the ironing board. Folds on the cover, even small ones, can leave creases on your clothes when you iron. A loose cover that doesn’t stay put will also make it harder to iron clothes. If you are buying a replacement cover …

What should a board cover have?

The cover should have elastic edges to ensure a snug fit as well as a cord and toggle or fastener to further secure the cover onto the board.

What do you use to secure an ironing board cover?

Some ironing board covers have additional methods to secure the cover. Some have Velcro tabs and others have hooks that you use to secure the overhang under the ironing board.

1. How to Replace an Ironing Board Cover (Attach, Fit & Tighten)

There are 4 types of fastening systems: draw-string, bracer clips, velcro straps or hook-and-loop straps.

2. How to Measure Your Ironing Board for a New Cover

Simply measure the surface of your ironing board to get the correct dimensions

3. Where to Buy an Ironing Board Cover

Because of the variety and availability as well as better pricing, we suggest buying your ironing board covers online at Amazon.com. Shipping is superfast and you get a favorable Amazon returns policy.

4. What is the Best Material for an Ironing Board Cover?

Most board covers are cotton which works well for the average home’s ironing needs. If you find that you are cycling through covers faster that you’d like, then you could look at upgrading to a metalized or silicone coated board cover which has excellent durability and will last you longer.

5. Best Ironing Board Foam Padding Replacement

Most ironing boards come with padding included but it’s advisable to replace your ironing board foam if you can feel the hard metal base of your board. Foam padding can become compressed after extended use and exposure to heat. The padding on an ironing board helps absorb pressure when ironing over seams.

6. Drawstring vs. Elasticised Edges

Drawstring covers can adjust much easier to fit slightly smaller boards whereas Elasticised edges have a much smaller margin for error and should be ordered to fit exactly.

What are the Materials Required to Make an Ironing Board?

1. Pattern tracing paper: This is used to create the pattern for the DIY ironing board cover.

What to do if ironing board is burnt?

If your ironing board is badly burnt on several spots, torn, creased badly, or is beginning to leave stains and fibers on your garments, it is time to change it. If the batting of your ironing board cover is still in good condition, you can buy a good cotton fabric and replace the top layer.

How to cut fabric before cutting?

Before you cut, ensure that your fabric is well prepared beforehand by ironing out the wrinkles to smoothen it. Then lay it flat on the floor, place the pattern you just traced out over it, and secure in place with pins. Carefully cut out the fabric, using the pattern as a guide.

How to secure ironing board cover?

Whatever your choice of material to secure and make your ironing board cover well fitted, insert it into the casing you just made with the aid of a bodkin or safety pin through the space marked earlier in the middle of the fabric.

Why is it important to have an ironing board cover?

The importance of the ironing board cover are: 1. The ironing board cover helps to prevent scorch marks, stains, and imprints from the board. 2. It reflects heat away from your clothes and allows friction-free ironing, leading to a smooth and effective ironing experience. 3.

How to stop cord from slipping?

To prevent the cord from slipping into the casing completely and getting lost in there, attach a plastic stopper or buckle at the loose ends. You can also improvise by sewing buttons on to the ends.

What is the best material for ironing board covers?

The best fabrics for an ironing board cover are natural fabrics like cotton and wool. This is because of the following characteristics:

Step 1. Trace your board

Lay your board upside down on your cover fabric. Using tailor’s chalk or a fabric pencilt trace around the shape of your board.

Step 2. Make the casing

Cut your casing fabric into three 6cm or 2.5" strips and remove the selvages. Join strips using a bias seam and press wrong sides together, just as if you were making a quilt binding.

Step 3. Sew the casing to your cover fabric

Fold the cover fabric in half length ways and make a mark at the centre of the wide end. With the edges aligned, place the folded and top stitched end of your casing on the right side of your cover fabric at your centre mark and pin in place.


Dont clip the curves. You will want the casing to stand up a bit like this as it will help your cover to fit your board snugly.

How to attach ironing board cover?

1. Attach the cover to your ironing board with a drawstring. If you have measured the board correctly and found a perfect fitting cover, it should fit snug on your board and not pucker. Some covers will also come with a drawstring to assist in cinching the cover perfectly to your board.

What material to use for ironing board?

Use natural unbleached cotton ironing board covers for everyday ironing. This is also a practical option for sewing and quilting. Your clothes and fabrics will stay put and not slide around or off of your ironing board. These are usually a thicker material like canvas or duck cloth, very durable and washable.

How to measure ironing board width?

1. Measure the width of your ironing board. Using a measuring tape, measure the width of your ironing board. Be sure to measure the board at it’s widest point, which should be near the middle of the board. Only measure the top of the board. Do not wrap your measuring tape around the sides of the board.

What is a metallic ironing board cover made of?

This allows the heat of the iron to be reflected back into the fabric you are ironing as opposed to the heat being absorbed by both the fabric of your garment and the fabric of the ironing board cover.

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What to do if you iron with foam pad?

I suspect the foam (sponge) is absorbing and retaining the moisture from the steam when you iron. Replace the foam pad with a felt pad, which will absorb and wick away the moisture.

How thick is felt lining?

Most pads are between four and eight millimeters thick.

How to put an ironing board cover on?

Slip the ironing board cover over the ironing board, starting at the narrow end. Make sure the cover is sitting flat on the board with the bottom folded over the edges. If the cover is not all the way on the board, it will not remain in place.

Why is it important to cover ironing board?

Covering your ironing board is important to minimise the chances of dirt ending up on your nice clothes.

Where do you feed a strap on a sleeve?

Take the strap on the right side and feed it up through the first eyelet on the right side at the end of the cover.

How to sew a piece of padding together?

If you’re using multiple pieces of padding, it’s a good idea to sew them together so you don’t have any shifting. Sew right on the line that you drew with the marker. Once done, take out the pins and cut right outside the stitch line.

How to sew pleated casings?

Start at one edge of the marked opening and sew all the way around. When you come to the pleats in the casing, your sewing machine may catch on them. If this happens, stop the machine with the needle down and raise the presser foot. Push the pleated casing back under the foot and continue sewing.

How much overlap should I use for ironing board covers?

For best results, you really want the new cover to overlap the edges of the board by 2.5 – 3 inches.

How to secure a cord to a safety pin?

Tie or otherwise secure the cord or string to a small safety pin and close it.

Can you put padding on an ironing board?

You can put the padding on the board frame now to use as a makeshift ironing board for the rest of the time. :D

Why do I prefer quilt batting?

I prefer quilt batting because I always have it around and you can use multiple layers easily to make a well padded board.

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