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how to fit a velux window in a slate roof

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Fitting Velux Windows on ‘asbestos’ slate roof.1) Remove all the slates from the head of the window up to the ridge. …2) Use copper strips for a row of slates either immediately above the head of the window. …3) Measure up and trim the slates in situ. …More items

What is the difference between VELUX and slate flashing?

VELUX flashing is designed to allow you to integrate the window quickly and easily into your roof. VELUX slate flashing is for installing into slate up to 8mm thick, on roof pitches between 15 – 90.

Do I need a VELUX flashing kit for my roof?

If you’re going to fit a VELUX window to a tiled roof, you will need a VELUX EDW flashing kit. If you’re going to fit a VELUX window to a slate roof, you will need a VELUX EDL flashing kit. Therefore, if you are using an EDW flashing kit for a tiled roof, you will follow the red colour coded instructions in the installation guide.

How do I install a VELUX window?

The first step is to unbox the VELUX window. The way in which you do this is important, to ensure that no parts are damaged and the window can be fitted effectively. First, lay the box flat. Press the tabs in and pull the box outwards – this will form a solid base. You can use this to work on without damaging the window.

How do you replace a window on a slate roof?

First mark on the rafters the approximate position required for your new roof window. Mark the centre of the window and remove an area of felt (and/ or boarding) to expose the tile or slate roof covering 3. Remove first tile or slate by lifting and pulling it back between the battens.

How to install a Velux window?

In order to install a VELUX roof window, you’ll also require the corresponding flashing kit, as well as an insulation collar and vapour barrier. Unbox the VELUX roof window. Remove the sash from the frame. Establish the window opening.

What is a velux window?

VELUX roof windows are the perfect choice when updating your home. They can help let natural light into the room, increase ventilation, and increase the potential selling value. But once you’ve chosen the perfect VELUX window for your home, how do you fit it?

How to fix a flashing on a car?

Take the side flashings and slide them into place – fix them with the tabs, by folding the tabs over and inserting a nail. If you haven’t already removed the part 5 flashing parts, do this now.

How wide should battens overlap?

Make sure both battens overlap the width of the opening on each side – by 100mm on the top, and 250mm on the bottom.

How wide should a roof be?

The width of the opening in the roof should be around 40-60mm wider than the window itself. Take the lower installation batten, and fix so that the top edge is approximately 80mm above the first course of tiles below the window. Ensure it is level, and measure upwards – add 45mm to the length of the window and mark this point – fix the upper installation batten here.

How high should profiled tiles be from the bottom of a window?

Chamfer tiles if required. With profiled tiles, they should be chamfered below the window to ensure that the highest point of the tile is a maximum of 130mm from the bottom of the window. This will help to allow the bottom apron of the flashing to sit neatly whilst also allowing water runoff.

How to open a window with polystyrene?

Remove the sash from the frame. Stand the window upright and remove the polystyrene blocks at the top of the window. Then push the control bar up and inwards, to open the window. Take the polystyrene blocks from the control bar, and put them on the top of the window sash.

What is the attic before work begins?

A dark and dusty space used simply for storing junk! 2. First mark on the rafters the approximate position required for your new roof window. Mark the centre of the window and remove an area of felt (and/ or boarding) to expose the tile or slate roof covering. 3.

Can you adjust a sash back into a frame?

15. There is an adjustment you can make once the sash has been fitted back into the frame. If the sash is slightly out of square there is an alignment adjustment on the left hand side that can be made with the alum key enclosed with the fixing packs.

Do roof windows come with instructions?

All roof windows come with full step-by-step instructions, which have been carefully prepared and tested to make your work as easy and safe as possible.

Is it easy to install a roof window?

Usually the first question that people ask is whether it is easy to install a roof window! Installing roof windows can be easy as long as you are prepared, and have the correct tools and know how.

How many straps to replace slate?

Strip back enough slates to get the flashings in properly its nearly impossible to slide them up. When replacing slates only one strap is ever needed. Strip the slates like a trangle above the velux reducing to one slate three or four courses above the top flashing.

What is the roof of a house made of?

The roof is laid with cement fibre, or ‘asbestos’ (not real asbestos) slates. These are held in with nails onto the battens and copper disc rivets that interlock with the row immediately below. The instructions illustrate laying the slates around the roof.

How thick is a purlin wall?

The wall that supports the purlin is about 9 inches thick if that, and there was one 2×2 timber embedded into at least one side of it.

What is needed to reach top slate?

When you reach the top slate a strap or glue is needed.

Can you bend copper tile?

I understand your reluctance but if you bend the copper properly they will not cause a problem. If it really bothers you, you could apply an adhesive to the slate before fixing to stick it to the overlap tile.

How to make a window with butyl?

First off, open up the underfelt collar and simply arrange it over the outer roof window frame. Using the butyl strips around the edge of the underfelt collar, peel the butyl covers off gradually and stick the strips around the frame, working slowly around and keeping the underfelt smooth with your other hand to create a smart end result. You’ll also see there are butyl strip tabs to fold round and secure neatly to each corner of the window. Simply repeat on all four external edges before moving onto the next section.

What is underfelt collar?

The underfelt collar is a breathable membrane with a pair of ordinary flat sections and pleated side sections. The pleated parts are designed to make it easier to dress over and secure to the roof battens.

How to use a sash on a bike?

Use the sash to work out if everything in the frame is square and level. Simply pick up the sash by using your left hand to balance the sash and your right hand to support the weight of it. Having your right hand underneath the sash will also make it easier to pull out the barrel bolt so it can lock into the bottom of the frame.

How far from the bracket do you stop the top bracket?

Using the shorter screws provided, partially drill in these screws into the centre of the horizontal slot and stop when they sit about 10mm from the bracket – this allows for any levelling and adjustments later on. Do the same for the opposite side.

How to install window on top of insulation?

When installing your window on top of the insulation collar, always feed the window through the opening and connect it gently onto the bottom section first to avoid any accidents. As for the rest of the window, address the top and side parts of the window frame by gently pushing it onto the insulation. The insulation may prevent a secure connection at first, so carefully press in the insulation, focussing on each side independently so that the window can simply slot into place.

How to fit side covers on a window?

To fit the side covers, remove component number 5, as described in the instructions, and clip the frame covers on either of the longest sides of the window. Reapply part number 5 over the top of the newly fitted covers as before – they will snap into place now the frame covers have been applied. The instructions will help you to work out which of the covers and components belong to the left or right side of your window.

What is the number on a flashing apron?

You’ll notice that every flashing component comes labelled with a number that corresponds to information in the flashing instructions: for example, the apron might be labelled "1". Simply arrange the apron underneath so it’s flush with the bottom section of the window.

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