how to fit a velux flat roof window

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  • Is it difficult to fit a VELUX window?

  • However, with all this being said, fitting a VELUX window, or any pitched roof window for that matter, is not as difficult as most imagine as the whole job can be completed from inside the home and you could save yourself a tidy sum.

  • How do you fit VELUX window flashings?

  • You are now ready to fit your flashing. VELUX flashings are made specific to work with particular roof materials- so make sure you purchase the right type for your window. Press and smooth the bottom apron of the flashing to the countours of the tiles and screw down.

  • How are window frames fitted to a roof?

  • The roof flashing (this keeps the joint between the new window frame and the roof, watertight, is then fitted. The tiles or slates are then laid back into position up to the sides of the new window frame.

  • Can a skylight be used as a window?

  • A skylight is fitted in exactly the same way and can be used for the same reasons as a roof window ( Not including a Means of Escape window) Its is also very useful when the cost, weight and size of a roof window is inappropriate.

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