how to fit a turbo trainer to bike

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  • How do I connect my bike to a turbo?

  • With a direct drive turbo trainer (like the Wahoo Kickr, above), you whip off your rear wheel and clamp the bike to the trainer via its rear dropouts. The chain runs on a cassette that’s fixed to the trainer. Here’s the big table of compatibility.

  • Can you fit a mountain bike on a Turbo Trainer?

  • Though expensive, direct-drive trainers are often the easiest to use with a mountain bike. The rear axle attaches directly to the turbo trainer and many provide a range of axle options including most regular mountain bike setups through removable endcaps, so you can fit your mountain bike to the trainer.

  • Can your frame cope with a Turbo Trainer?

  • With the massive increase in the number of riders taking to the indoor trainer, that position has started to change, with some bike makers now building and testing their frames so that they can cope with use in a turbo trainer.

  • Can you move the rear wheel on a Turbo Trainer?

  • Once your rear wheel is secured to the turbo trainer it cannot move but depending on the turbo trainer brand there will be some sort of latch or ratchet on the platform to help it rise up to meet the tyre.

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