how to fit a toilet vanity unit

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If everything matches up, you can begin to fit your vanity cabinet. For a sturdy fit, locate the wall studs in your bathroom before screwing the vanity unit into place.Drill the screws into the studs and then fit the cabinet to the wall, making sure it鈥檚 securely attached.

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  • How to install a bathroom vanity unit?

  • Proceed to drill holes where appropriate in the back of the unit and make sure that any rough edges are gently sanded smooth. Position the unit into place, making sure the fitment is flat against the wall and it is not obstructed in any way. Step 3. Fitting the new vanity unit With your measurements taken, it鈥檚 time to align things properly.

  • How do you support the feet of a vanity?

  • Screw the feet in firmly so that they support the weight of the unit. If the bathroom wall is reinforced or solid, it鈥檚 not essential to fit the feet. Measure the total height of your new vanity unit, including cabinet, feet and washbasin.

  • How do I determine the finished height of a bathroom vanity?

  • Before I install bathroom vanity units the first thing I want to determine is the finished height. This is almost always governed by the unit height + plinth + the floor covering thickness.

  • Can a vanity sink be used in a bathroom?

  • There is a vanity sink to suit every bathroom and can be tailored to your requirements, including drawers over cupboards, a double basin or combined with a toilet. These really are a must-have piece of bathroom furniture. How do I fit a bathroom vanity unit?

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