how to fit a swimsuit to your body

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If you’re unsure how to measure for a swimsuit,this is where to start. Bust/Chest: With arms and shoulders relaxed,measure under the arms,around the fullest part of bust/chest,keeping the measuring tape parallel to floor. Think it may be too snug? Take a seat,as chests expand slightly when seated.

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  • How to choose a swimsuit for your body type?

  • 6 Wear dark colors to minimize and light colors to accent a body part. 7 Choose full-coverage bottom to distract from your hips. 8 Opt for a suit that fits you well above all else. 9 Move around in the swimsuit to ensure that it moves with you.

  • How do I know which bathing suit fits me best?

  • To know what bathing suit will best fit your body shape, you first need to understand your body鈥檚 unique measurements. Use a measuring tape to measure the following areas: To get the most accurate measurements, wear your undergarments or form-fitting clothing while measuring these areas.

  • How to choose the right swimsuit for a large bust?

  • Almost any body shape can come with a large bust, when you are quite chesty. Although many women would still go for skimpy bikini tops, to add extra support to the top part, you鈥檇 better choose the right swimsuit for your large bust. 鈥?Women with a large bust should look for a swimsuit that would give more support to their ample cleavage.

  • How to choose the right one-piece swimsuit?

  • You can choose from features from fringe to prints, ruffles to cut outs, strappy and corseted backs with a variety of necklines to flatter and accent any part of your body you want. Based on body shape there is a one-piece swimsuit that will work whether you are one of the main body types or a combination of two.

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