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how to fit a stone fireplace surround

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How to build your own outdoor stone fireplace?

So,You Want to…Build an Outdoor FireplaceCodes and Considerations. Rules will surely apply to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your outdoor fireplace. …Design Decisions. Fireplace design should reflect your reasons for wanting this backyard addition. …Material Matters. …Cost Considerations. …DIY Directives. …

How to install stone to makeover your fireplace?

How to Install AirStone to a Fireplace SurroundVideo of the Installation Process. You can also check out this installation video that AirStone created.Step One – Clean the Surface. Clean the surface. …Step Two – Create a Template. Create a Template. …Step Three – Layout the Stone. …Step Four – Support the Stones While Gluing. …Step Five – Cut the Stones. …

How to tile over an existing fireplace surround?

I recommend sketching out a diagram of your fireplace on SketchUp,Powerpoint,or even by hand (just use centimeters on a ruler in place of feet for a rough sketch) …When you have a general design idea,lay the uncut tile on the ground to visualize the fireplace surround shape. …Oh. …More items…

How to install granite fireplace surround?

How to Install Granite Around a FireplaceTake the measurements for the fireplace to find out how much granite you’ll need. You also need the measurements for purchasing the thinset and other materials.Prepare the area for the granite. Check the entire area to make sure surfaces are level. …Put the stress membrane over wood areas,particularly where it meets other materials. …Install the hearth. …More items…

How to make a stone sandstone?

Press the stone firmly into place at the top of the field, almost touching the ceiling. Wiggle it into place until it sits against the scratch coat. Mortar should ooze from all sides of the stone. Repeat for the remaining stones in the first course, leaving a finger’s-width joint between each stone.

How long does it take for grout to cure before fireplace?

Let the grout cure for at least 48 hours before using the fireplace.

How to make a rustic look with grout?

Achieve a classic look by carving a grout profile that sits below the face of the stones; for a rustic effect, like the one we used, shape the grout to sit flush with the stones ( known as an overgrout technique), then go over the grout lines with a whisk broom to create a natural-looking finish.

How long does it take for mortar to cure?

While the mortar is still pliable (about 20 minutes after application), comb it horizontally, using the notched tiling trowel held at a slight angle to the surface. These grooves create a textured surface for the mortared stones to grab on to. Allow the scratch coat to cure overnight (or longer).

How to make peanut butter veneer?

Mix veneer mortar to the consistency of creamy peanut butter. With a finishing trowel, spread it over the lath, first using a downward motion to "fill" the cups, then building the surface to a thickness of ½ inch by using a side-to-side or fanning motion to spread more mortar over the first layer.

How to get air bubbles out of grout?

Cut the tip off the end of a grout bag, sizing your cut to the joint width. Fill the bag halfway with fresh grout mixed to the consistency of pudding. Twist the wide end of the bag shut, and squeeze grout toward the tip until all the air bubbles are gone and the grout reaches the opening.

How to make a scratch coat for a header?

Press the stone firmly into place on the top-left part of the header. Wiggle it back and forth slightly, and stop pressing when you can feel the stone touch the top of the scratch coat. Mortar should ooze from all sides of the stone as you do this. Repeat with the remaining header stones.

How to make a veneer mortar?

Use a trowel to apply the mortar over the metal lath. Build the mortar up until it’s about ½-inch thick. Before the mortar has dried, use the tiling trowel to create a textured groove. This is necessary to ensure the veneer will grab on and stay in place. Allow the mortar to dry overnight.

What is a stone veneer fireplace?

A stone veneer fireplace is a simple way to add drama and old world elegance to your fireplace. Stone veneer doesn’t look much different than real stone, and when installed correctly, most people will be unable to tell the difference. A veneer surround is relatively simple to install on your own, and should take a weekend at the most to complete.

How long does it take for mortar to dry before you can put it in a fireplace?

The grout should cure for about an hour. You can then sand it down to create an even finish. Allow everything to set for at least 48 hours before you use the fireplace.

What is the purpose of articles being reviewed?

To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.

How to make a stone wall with felt?

2. Nail metal lath over the felt. Position it so the cups face up to catch the mortar. 3. Cover the wall with ½ inch of veneer mortar. After 20 minutes, comb the mortar with a notched trowel. Let the mortar dry overnight. 4. Create a design for the stones on a canvas, staggering shapes and sizes.

How to seal a stone with a scratch coat?

Draw a furrow in the mortar with the tip of the trowel. 8. Press the piece in place and wiggle it to seal it to the scratch coat. 9. WIth all the pieces in place, clean the joints with a striking tool and a whisk broom.

Can stone veneer be used on masonry fireplaces?

In this video, This Old House senior technical editor shows how to use stone veneer to get the cozy feel of a masonry fireplace without breaking the budget

Can you put stone veneer over stone?

The process of installing stone veneer fireplace depends on the structure that you have. If your structure is sound, all you need to do is install the stone veneer over the stone or bricks already there.

What is the purpose of scoring and cutting stones?

Score and Cut – Score your corner pieces to ensure you have clearance for the project. Once your stones are scored, they are ready to cut.

Can you sand a brick fireplace?

If you have a brick fireplace, it is possible to sand the brick down, so it is porous and able to hold the stone veneer around fireplace surfaces. You will need a metal lath for any other surface. Many people choose to use a lath for brick as well. Here are the steps to installing stone veneer fireplace with a lath.

What Does A Fireplace Surround Do?

Be a stylish and attractive component of a fireplace that helps to make a fireplace a focal point for a room.

Does A Fireplace Need A Surround?

A fireplace does not always necessarily need a surround , but the requirements for a fireplace surround must be in line with local and national codes and building regulations.

What is a concrete surround?

Concrete surrounds can be found as either a traditional surround and mantel constructed as part of the fireplace (like ours) or can be part of a feature wall that may extend up to the ceiling to help provide more of a prominent and modern look.

What is a mantel in a fireplace?

The mantel consists of the top part of the fireplace surround that is commonly found to be flat on top so that ornaments and other decorations can be placed. A mantel can also be commonly bought as a standalone component to create a ‘floating mantelpiece’ look.

What materials are used for fireplace surrounds?

Common materials that can be used for a fireplace surround include: Wood. Concrete. Brick.

Why are wood fireplace surrounds so popular?

Wooden fireplace surrounds are common because of their ease of installation and affordability.

What is a wood surround?

Surrounds that aren’t part of the construction of a fireplace, in particular wooden surrounds, are typically attached to a wall with a number of brackets/lugs and screws located around the surround.

How to prevent a fireplace from tipping?

Special care must be taken with mantels which have a heavily moulded overhang as they are especially susceptible to tipping if leant on or hung on by a child. Mechanical fixings must be used that prevent the stone from tipping. Pointing of the joints can be done using the same mortar as used for bedding or with a suitable grout. Care should be taken to avoid smearing the face of the stone.

What happens if a stone fireplace surround is not secured?

The consequences of failure of a stone fireplace surround incorrectly installed and secured are extremely serious. Deaths and serious injuries have occurred as a result of stones falling from fireplace surrounds that were not securely fixed.

What should a fireplace surround be made of?

Ideally the pointing should match the colour of the stone. For fireplace surrounds formed of solid stonework, where a good mortar bed is particularly important, mortars should consist of an aggregate and cement.

What is the best way to prevent stone from tipping?

Mechanical fixings must be used that prevent the stone from tipping. Pointing of the joints can be done using the same mortar as used for bedding or with a suitable grout. Care should be taken to avoid smearing the face of the stone. End User.

What is the best aggregate for limestone?

For example, for soft limestones the best aggregate is stone dust produced from the same type of stone as that being fitted and, preferably, with the addition of lime to the mix. Sandstones are best bedded on a sand and cement mix using a suitably coloured sand to match the stone. The coarseness of the aggregate will depend on the texture …

Why do you wet sandstone before mortaring?

Porous stones such as limestones and sandstones must be wetted before applying a full bed of mortar in order to stop suction removing the water from the mortar and reducing its ability to adhere to the stone.

Can stone surrounds be fitted to metal studs?

Stone fireplace surrounds should not be fitted to lightweight metal stud walls. In properties with traditionally plastered brick walls the plaster can be cut back to enable the fireplace surround to be fixed directly to the brickwork behind. The plaster can then be made good around the fireplace surround.

Are You Willing to Take Care of Future Fireplace Surround Maintenance?

Some natural stone might need regular sealing, some may require very involved cleaning and even others might stain easily and need to be dealt with down the road. Since that is the case, be sure that the future maintenance of the fireplace surround you select is what you envision.

What is a fireplace surround made of?

Fireplace surrounds are no longer made only of brick. They have evolved into aesthetically pleasing, potentially functional and fundamentally cohesive additions to any home. Whether you choose quartz, granite, soapstone or marble, pick your match using your personal criteria.

What is the best stone for a fireplace?

Granite is a popular choice for homeowners when selecting natural stone for their homes. This product is durable, low maintenance and cost friendly. Granite is a great selection for fireplace surrounds partly because of its resistance to heat, chips and scratches.

Is soapstone good for fireplace surrounds?

Soapstone is a highly heat resistant material that works well as fireplace surrounds. It can be susceptible to cracking over time and the softness also makes it prone to scratches. Cracking and scratching often fits well with a desired rustic or classic style.

Do natural stone fireplace surrounds need sealing?

Some natural stone might need regular sealing, some may require very involved cleaning and even others might stain easily and need to be dealt with down the road. Since that is the case, be sure that the future maintenance of the fireplace surround you select is what you envision.

Is quartz a natural stone?

Quartz is a natural stone product that is very similar in appearance to marble. This man-made product is more cost effective than other choices of natural stone. It often produces an elegant and formal look and there are many rich textures and unique colors to choose from. The durability of quartz is very high.

Does granite need sealing?

Granite requires minimal maintenance by the homeowner – occasion al sealing will do the trick! There are tons of options in colors, patterns and textures with granite. This wide range of selections allows for versatility that will fit any style and application.

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