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how to fit a snowboard in your car

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What is the best snowboard for beginners?

Why Is A True Twin Snowboard Shape The Best For Beginners?Balance. A true twin snowboard shape is designed symmetrically to provide better balance. …Centered Stance. The best stance for a new snowboarder with no experience is a centered stance. …Riding Switch. The true twin board is designed to allow anybody to learn how to ride a switch. …

How do I know what size snowboard fits me?

Snowboard Size CalculatorMen’s/Women’s Snowboard size chartSnowboard width. When choosing a snowboard it’s not just the length of the board that is important. …Mens Snowboard widthsWomen’s Snowboard WidthsWrapping up. This guide hopes to lay out and explain the factors which can influence what board you choose. …

How do you find the right size snowboard?

What else should I consider?Board shapes. Snowboards have lots of different shapes depending on the type,but there are some constants across all boards.Snowboard width. The ‘correct’ snowboard width is the one that feels the best. But generally,snowboards are made with a target overhang in mind.Flex. Snowboard flex is another concept to think about when buying. …

How big of a snowboard do I Need?

Sometimes, your height can help to more accurately determine what size snowboard you need. For instance, if you’re weight puts you looking at a snowboard that’s 135-140cm, if you’re at the higher end of the height table, you’ll want to be at the higher end in terms of length too (140cm).

Fitting a Snowboard into a Coupe or Four-Door Sedan

If you plan to head up the mountain in a four-door sedan or coupe, you will likely struggle to fit your board in the trunk. Most car trunks are not wide enough to accommodate an adult size board. For example, a 2016 Honda Civic has a trunk that measures 54.9 inches wide, whereas a snowboard for a 180 lbs adult can measure up to 63.5 inches.

Fitting a Snowboard into an SUV

If you drive a medium- or large-size SUV, you are in luck. With just a few modifications, you can easily fit a family’s worth of snowboards and an additional four passengers inside your vehicle. You will just have to put down the back seats. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Fitting a Snowboard into a Pickup Truck

As a snowboarder, consider yourself the luckiest of all if you own a pickup truck. Thanks to a truck’s built-in storage bed, you can haul just about anything you need up the mountain, including your snowboards. Simply secure everything in the bed and head out.

What if Your Boards Refuse to Fit?

If you don’t have access to an SUV or pickup truck and plan to travel with more than one passenger, you may be wondering how to transport your snowboards up the slope. Since you cannot lower the seats in your car, you will likely have to install a board rack.


Whether your car can accommodate a snowboard depends a lot on the type of vehicle you have and the number of passengers you plan to bring. SUVs and pickup trucks should have enough cargo space to carry snowboards in the back but if you are taking a smaller sedan or coupe, you may have to rent a board rack for the journey.


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Can a snowboard fit in a car?

You cannot fit snowboards in most car seats or trunks, especially if there are other passengers in the car. You can fit snowboards using a roof-top rack or a hitch-mounted rack. If your board is small and narrow then you can fit it in the trunk, backseat, and front passenger seat.

How to properly fit a snowboard in the car?

It’s crucial to fit snowboards in the car properly to avoid damage to your board and car.

Do snowboards fit in a trunk?

It is typically hard to fit snowboards in a trunk. You can fit them in a trunk if it’s not too long. The board has to be very flexible. You might have to bend the board a lot which could be too much pressure for the board.

How do you attach a snowboard to a car roof rack?

To carry your snowboards on the roof rack, you will need a carrier designed for it.

Can you fit a snowboard in a 4 door sedan?

You can. You can either use a rack or fit it diagonally in the backseat.

Is it illegal to strap things to the roof of your car?

It is not illegal to strap things to the roof of your car in the US but there are some rules and limits that you need to follow for safety.

How do you make a snowboard rack?

Building a snowboard rack can make things more convenient for you if you own more than two snowboards.

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

So for a B5 sedan, can you fit a snowboard in the trunk without folding the seats? We’re talking just 1 board with bindings mounted. Thanks for your input! If you’ve done it before, please list the length of the board you fit too.

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

if your board is short and or skinny yes. I tried buy my board was too long. It was also too wide to try sticking it into the skit bag thing that comes out between the 2 back seats.

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

Logically, we’d be stuffing the shortest board of the 5 in the trunk. Luckily that is pretty short, a 154. Still, not sure if that will fit…

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

lol trunk, one of the advantages of a wagon. I barley fit a 155 diagonal in the back my wagon.

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

Zach….is your trunk bigger than mine? LOL. I can’t even fit my 154 in my trunk without one of the ends hitting the rear window.

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

Hey pat,
Just facebooked you back, but I know my b5 can’t hold that last board we’re talking about. 146 is TOPS that I can put in diagonally.
but check the facebook message.

Re: Can you fit a snowboard in the trunk?

The only way I have gotten 5 boards and 5 people is with a rack and then take the bindings off of one of the larger boards and sandwich it between two smaller ones on the rack, then just throw the one pair of binding in the trunk and bring your park tool for reassembly.

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