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how to fit a sky dish

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One of the best ways to set up a dish is by anchoring a metal pole in the ground with concrete,then mounting the dish on top of it. …Satellite dish installers almost automatically go for the roof to guarantee the satellite isn’t obstructed. …If you’re in the northern hemisphere,the dish needs to point south to receive a signal. …

Do I need a satellite dish to get Sky Q?

Despite reports dating back to 2018 that Sky is soon to launch a version of Sky Q that doesn’t require a satellite, you do still need a dish in order to get Sky TV. If you already have a dish, a Sky TV engineer will adjust it and replace the LNB (the part of the satellite that the cables connect to) as part of the Sky Q installation.

How do I find the correct satellite for DIY sky dish alignment?

Find the correct bearing (azimuth) and elevation for the Astra 28.2E satellite from anywhere in the UK and Europe using the useful free tool below provided by Dishpointer. This invaluable aid will help you find the correct satellite without error and achieve accurate DIY Sky dish alignment using a satellite meter and compass.

How do you set up a satellite dish with two TVs?

If the satellite dish’s cable is exposed, put furniture and other decorations in front of it. Every satellite receiver needs a separate coaxial cable. You can’t split the cable, so you will need to find ways to route the cables all the way to the extra TVs you plan on setting up.

Why does my satellite dish have to be on the roof?

Satellite dish installers almost automatically go for the roof to guarantee the satellite isn’t obstructed. You may need to do this, too, if you can’t find an exact spot elsewhere. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, the dish needs to point south to receive a signal.

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Ask TV service providers for an install. Many of them offer free installations as long as you buy a subscription for their service.


Be very careful when climbing onto the roof to install a dish. Avoid dangerous falls by wearing a harness and working on a warm, clear day.

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The Satellite Arc

The geostationary satellites that we use for satellite TV broadcasts orbit around the equator. From the Northern Hemisphere these will be south, in the Southern Hemisphere these will be north. If you’re on the equator and reading this these will literally be straight up above your head.

Height For Best Signal From Sat Dish

As long as you have a clear line of sight from the satellites in space, the satellite signal strength being received will be exactly the same at head height that it will be on the top on a sky scraper. In this respect satellite dishes do not work like conventional TV aerials where height is usually very important to get a good signal.

Installing Dishes To Clear Trees & Neighbouring Buildings

If you have trees or buildings directly in the direction that you need to point your dish, you will need to get high enough to clear these taking into consideration the angle that the signals come down from the satellites.

How Low Can A Satellite Dish Be Installed?

Satellite dishes can actually work at ground level if required. As you as you have a clear line of sight of the satellites it will work the same than as if it was on the wall or chimney with no signal loss. The downside of going low with your satellite dish is that people could walk in front of it and block the satellite signal albeit temporarily.

Dish Installed Higher Up To Keep Discreet

If you want to keep your satellite dish installation discreet. You may find that installing your satellite dish higher up will help achieve this, on the chimney stack perhaps. If you’re clever with the positioning of the satellite dish you may be able to hide the satellite dish behind the chimney stack itself when looking from ground view.

Optimum Height For Sat Dish – Out Of Reach

I hope that by now you can understand that the height isn’t necessarily the most important things when it comes to satellite reception. I would suggest however that an optimum height (if there was such a thing) would be on the wall but out of reach from the ground.

Satellite Dish Installation Questions – In The Blog Comment Section Only!

If you have any questions regarding the best satellite dish height or location please post your questions and comments in the BLOG COMMENT SECTION ONLY PLEASE.

Sky broadband installation

Sky, like most broadband providers in the UK, uses the Openreach broadband network to provide its services. The upshot of this is that if you are switching to Sky from another provider on the Openreach network (this is pretty much everyone apart from Virgin Media) then you already have the right cables running to your property.

Sky broadband and TV installation

Sky offers a number of attractive deals that bundle TV, phone and broadband together and many people enjoy the convenience of having all these services from one provider. Unlike some other TV providers, you will definitely need an engineer to come and set up and Sky TV.

Sky TV installation

You can order Sky TV without taking broadband from Sky, but you will need a broadband connection (from any provider you like) if you want to make the most of all the features Sky TV has to offer. You’ll also need a satellite dish installed on a south-facing wall of your house.

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