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how to fit a shower tray onto floorboards

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How to lay a shower tray on a wooden floor?

When learning how to lay a shower tray on a wooden floor, you will need to mark the area where the tray will stand. Next, replace the floorboards within that area with a minimum of 18mm marine ply. You will need to ensure there is access to the waste pipes in the floor beside the tray.

Can I use flexible floor adhesive for a shower tray?

We always use a flexible floor adhesive for shower trays, find it much better than sand and cement. I wouldn’t, I’d take the floorboards up and cut, measure and put a piece of ply down. But that’s me being particular, don’t take it as gospel. If you’re going to put it straight on the floorboards, I would take the other lads advice.

How do you secure a shower tray?

You may wish to fix battens on the floor to secure the panel. Step 1: The floor beneath your tray will need to be completely secure so position the shower tray where you want it to go and test that the floor is strong and solid enough to support it without movement.

Can I use sand and cement to bed a shower tray?

Sand and cement is near unworkable with a light bed – and especially on dry wooden floorboards. I would like to stand and watch the people who write the instructions of bedding the shower tray, doing it with sand cement! Flexible floor adhesive seems a proper way to do it.

What is the purpose of positioning the shower tray waste?

Position the shower tray waste to ensure everything lines up correctly.

How long do shower trays last?

Good quality well-fitted trays can last for years so are well worth the time and financial investment.

Why is it important to fit a waste in a shower tray?

The waste is a crucial part of any shower tray, otherwise, the water will have nowhere to go and will flood your bathroom. This is why it is important to learn how to fit a shower tray waste correctly.

What is a shower tray?

Shower trays are versatile and functional, but they can also change the look and feel of your shower. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade, a better-quality tray, or to replace a leaking tray, learning how to fit a shower tray correctly is important. A poorly fitted or low-quality shower tray will end up costing you more in terms …

How to check for leaks in a waste pipe?

A great way to check is using a cold kettle, pouring water down the waste/plug and placing kitchen paper around the join. You will then be able to identify any leaks.

What happens if you don’t fit a shower tray?

If the shower tray is not fitted correctly there is a risk of leaks, water damage, water stains, plaster damage, damp, wood rot to flooring and floor jo ists, water pooling, poor drainage and damage to the tray.

How many rubber washers are there in a shower?

There will be two rubber washers attached to the waste (one for above the shower tray, and one for below), remove both.

Why is a shower tray important?

It’s essential to pick one that is well-built and will last over time, but the quality of the tray will count for very little if it’s poorly installed. Fitting a shower tray correctly can be the difference between a smoothly running, watertight bathroom and costly leaks. Fear not, we’ve got you covered in our guide on how to fit a shower tray below.

What is adjustable height shower trays?

Adjustable height shower trays stand on adjustable legs and are useful in that they can be lowered or raised to your desired height and allow easy access to the pipes underneath in case of leaks or if anything needs replacing.

What is a low profile shower tray?

Low profile shower trays are designed to sit as low to the floor as possible. If you want a step-free shower that you enter at ground level, then you’ll need a low-profile shower tray. You can also refer to these types of shower trays if you want to know how to install a wet room shower tray.

Do you need to install a shower tray before tiling?

We always advise fitting the shower tray before tiling the walls or installing wall panels as this ensures a more watertight seal around the sides of the tray.

closetothebrink New Member

I’m fitting a 900×900 stone resin shower tray in an upstairs bathroom with conventional T&G floorboards. I’m fitting the tray at floor level with the waste going under the boards.

handyman. New Member

dont get why you would need to replace good solid floorboards (if they are) with ply. Also marine ply is an odd choice……..its not a boat. (ie no salt)

closetothebrink New Member

Thanks for the advice guys. Re mudster’s suggestion – I thought of putting the 18mm ply on top of the boards, but as the boards are in good nick I’m planning to tile directly onto the boards using Topps wood-fix tile adhesive, so this would leave the ply standing proud of the tiles. So is my best option to bed the tray directly to the boards?

What type of cement should I use for shower trays?

What @StevieBoy sez. Shower tray manufacturers almost always advise sand cement mixture. I install about 5 or more a year this way so about 50 or more trays in all. If over floorboards, 12mm ply over boards first. If you can’t take the hight increase, remove boards, then 18mm ply with noggins to support edges, then sand cement with tray over top. Sand cement gives you the opportunity to level up after the first time you try and it isn’t level whereas adhesives, glue, silicon etc doesn’t. Real world means the floor is rarely level enough.

Can you stick tile directly to green chipboard?

Not much to tell really, I asked about it in another post, basically I was advised not to stick tiles directly on to green chipboard, but can’t afford to raise the floor by much, so thin ply seemed to be the answer, ( well screwed down of course ).

Can you go over chipboard?

Going over chipboard will be fine if there is no flex in it i. e screwed down and supported well.

Can resin trays go anywhere?

Even the low profile stone resin trays are heavy enough to not go anywhere. But i bed them in with a thick bed trowel.

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