how to fit a rainwater diverter kit

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RainDiverterKitTake the lid off the water butt. Drill a 25mm hole near the top of the water butt on the side closest to the down pipe (some water butts may have drill points indicated). Position water butt with tap facing forward and adjust to down pipe. Fitraindiverterwith square end up into the cut section of the down pipe.

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  • How do you use a rainwater diverter on a boat?

  • Fit the diverter to the downpipe and connect to the water butt with the tube. The butt will fill automatically with rainwater, but once full the diverter will direct water to flow down the downpipe again. There are many different designs of diverter, and only one example is shown here.

  • How many water butts do you need for a rainwater diverter?

  • The size of hole you need to drill in the water butt will be specified by the rainwater diverter manufacturer. There鈥檚 nothing to stop you buying more than one water butt. Extra butts may be connected to the first one, or you may prefer to position extra butts on other downpipes.

  • How do you attach a water butt to a water diverter?

  • Measure the amount of pipe needed to attach the water butt to the water diverter and cut to size. Connect the pipe to the water diverter and the water butt.

  • Why choose floplast rainwater diverter?

  • The FloPlast Rainwater Diverter saves valuable rainwater for general garden use. It allows rainwater to flow from the downpipe directly into a water butt. 鈼?Saving water.

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