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how to fit a new jockey wheel

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How To Fit A Jockey Wheel To Your Trailer1. Locate the mount point on your trailer. …2. Attach the U-Bracket/Bracket to your boat trailer. …3. Lower your new boat trailer jockey wheel. …4.Adjust the height of your Jockey Wheel to suit your boat trailer. You can adjust the height of your jockey wheel by turning the the handle at the top. …

How do you attach a jockey wheel to a trailer?

Wind the jockey wheel down until it touches the floor and then continue to wind it to raise the coupling head at the front of the trailer. If the coupling head is attached to the tow ball you will have to release it from the ball. If attaching the trailer to the vehicle, position the vehicle and trailer so that the coupling head is above the ball.

How to loosen a jockey wheel?

Once you’ve done that you can start loosening the jockey wheels. Unscrew the screw on the lower jockey wheel and remove the wheel. Make sure you’re truning the screw the right way – it’s often indicated on the jockey wheel. Set the screw aside in a safe place, and note that the screws for upper and lower jockey wheels can be different sizes.

What is a jockey wheel on a caravan?

A caravan jockey wheel is a basic mechanical device that is used to elevate and lower the coupling head off and on the tow ball and keep the front of the trailer steady when trying to manoeuvre it using the towing vehicle. To do this, jockey wheels are built to carry the trailer’s maximum nose weight comfortably.

How much torque do you put on a jockey wheel?

Then slide the bushing back into the wheel and hold the cupped washers in place on either side while you place the wheel back into the derailleur cage. Then tighten the bolt to the specified torque: usually around 3 Newton Meters or 20 inch pounds. Repeat the process as needed for the other jockey wheel.

How to get a coupling head to be directly above the tow ball?

Manoeuvre the trailer so that the coupling head is directly above the vehicle tow ball. If the coupling head is too low, simply wind the jockey wheel counter-clockwise, using the top winding handle, so that the front of the trailer is raised and the coupling head can be directly above the tow ball. Once in position over the tow ball, (ensuring …

How to lower a coupling head on a tow ball?

If attaching the trailer to the vehicle, position the vehicle and trailer so that the coupling head is above the ball. Open the coupling head and then wind up the jockey wheel in order to lower the coupling head on to the ball.

What happens if you leave a jockey wheel down?

If the trailer jockey wheel has been left down in transit, or it has been run at speed in to a solid object it is possible that the outer tube, or the inner tube could be damaged. This might prevent the inner tube winding up fully in to the outer tube. If so then it should be replaced.

What is a jockey wheel?

A trailer jockey wheel is a simple mechanical device designed for lifting and lowering the coupling head off and on to the tow ball and for steadying the front of the trailer whilst manoeuvring it to and from the towing vehicle. Jockey wheels are designed to take the maximum nose weight of the trailer comfortably in order to do this.

Why do jockey wheels have clip and chain?

Your jockey wheel assembly might have an R clip and chain device (or similar) to ensure that the handle cannot rotate. If fitted ensure that you use it. Other jockeys have cut outs or angled cuts at the bottom of the outer tube or other devices to prevent the inner assembly from turning / lowering during transit.

What are castor side plates made of?

The KARTT jockey wheels have castor side plates made from 6mm section material, stronger than most other standard jockey wheels.

How thick is a Kartt jockey wheel?

The plating on the KARTT jockey wheel is also a minimum of 12 microns thickness on high quality tube. It will always look the part. Your KARTT jockey wheel has a full roller bearing at the top of the jockey wheel spindle. This also enables a smooth winding action.

How to adjust a caravan towing vehicle?

Lower the wheel and check it’s in the right position. If it’s a swing up model, test it using the handle. Adjust the height and unhitch the caravan from the towing vehicle.

Where to mount jockey wheel on caravan?

Ideally, this will be a spot on the draw bar or A-frame, out of the way of any other fixtures or wiring.

Can a loaded jockey wheel bend?

A loaded jockey wheel should be treated with great caution as overloading and rough maneuvering could bend it and cause injury. On swing up models always ensure the latching system is fully engaged before any load is applied.

Can you move a caravan while working?

Likewise, any movement while you’re working could cause injury or damage so always make sure your caravan is fully supported – preferably hitched to the towing vehicle – before working on it.

Can you weld jockey wheels?

For welding the mounting plate for the jockey wheel, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have the experience, equipment or facilities to do your own welding, take the caravan to a mechanic for this step.

Can a powered car be attached to a chassis?

A powered model will usually be attached to the chassis in the same way as normal ones but might need connecting to the vehicle’s 12V wiring system. In this case, the instructions should come with the kit or consult an auto electrician.

How to remove a jockey wheel?

Remove the jockey wheel’s bolt by unthreading the bolt counter-clockwise. Once the bolt is removed, the jockey wheel will slide out of the derailleur cage. There will be a cupped washer facing inward on either side. Remove these and then pull the bushing sleeve out from the center.

How much torque do you need to tighten a pulley?

Then tighten the bolt to the specified torque: usually around 3 Newton Meters or 20 inch pounds.

Do you need to remove chain from front chainring?

First you’ll want to remove the chain from the front chainring to give it some slack. You don’t need to remove the rear derailleur or cable for this job, but I will for this video so we can see things a bit better.

Do you tighten nuts on a bike?

important: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Can you add videos to your watch history?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

How do you remove jockey wheels?

For novices, the easiest way to fit and remove jockey wheels is with the chain off the bike. It’s also possible to do the job with the chain still on (see video). If you need to do a quick job that obviously works well, but you need to pay extra attention during the assembly – because you won’t be the first to run the chain round the wrong side of the derailleur cage.

How to clean a derailleur cage?

Dirt and grease build up in all the nooks and crannies of the derailleur cage. Spray the degreaser on a rag, not directly onto the derailleur.

How to tell if jockey wheels are worn?

You can tell by the teeth of the jockey wheels whether they are worn or not.

How do you know when to replace a jockey wheel?

When it’s time to replace your jockey wheels, make sure that you get the right replacement wheels.

Why does my bike chain wear out?

Rain, hail, mud and other dirt cause your bike chain to wear out. Measuring your bike chain regularly – and …

What is the bottom bracket on a bicycle?

The bottom bracket shell of a bicycle is the part of the frame where the spindle of the cranks go …

Does direction matter on jockey wheels?

If there is nothing written on the jockey wheel itself, to indicate direction, then it doesn’t matter.


loosen the side handle to free the jockey wheel assembly,then wind the jocky wheel assembly fully out. when fully out it should just pull away from the bottom (wheel) section. you may have to lift the front of the van to fully release the bottom section.


Sorry not being clear enough, this is a whole new assembly it looks like this it’s this new assembly we can’t seperate thus there is no side clamp as it’s not on the van yet! You would expect it just to unwind and seperate, it unwinds but won’t then seperate, it’s like there is an additional catch to be released.


Interests: Caravanner for 35 years now changed to a Motorhome for health reasons amongst others. Keen DIYer, photographer and woodturner.


Interests: Caravanner for 35 years now changed to a Motorhome for health reasons amongst others. Keen DIYer, photographer and woodturner.

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I think you have bought the wrong Jockey Wheel. That type fits on the clamp on the outside of the ‘A’ frame not inside. You can’t take it apart.


I think you have bought the wrong Jockey Wheel. That type fits on the clamp on the outside of the ‘A’ frame not inside. You can’t take it apart.


I have come across jockey wheels that dont seperate by unwinding the handle and you have to remove the handle and take out the threaded section as well .

What do jockey wheels do?

First, it’s important to know exactly what jockey wheels – which are also referred to as ‘pulley wheels’ – do for the smooth and efficient running of your drivetrain. They are very important.

What to do if your rear derailleur makes a loud noise?

If it is, you’ll need to remove a jockey wheel to get the chain in the correct place.

Why do my jockey wheels jump off?

If the teeth on your jockey wheels are heavily worn, then this can negatively affect the quality of your shifting as the teeth can fail to engage . Notice that your chain jumps off the jockey wheel quite a bit? This is the cause.

How many teeth does a jockey wheel have?

Installing into your existing derailleur cage means that you are limited in size to around 12 teeth.

How to remove a jockey wheel?

Undo the bolt in the centre of the jockey wheel and remove it, allowing the jockey wheel to slide out. Be careful not to drop the aluminium caps that sit on each side of the jockey wheel.

What happens if a chain jumps off a jockey wheel?

A more serious scenario is where the chain jumps off the jockey wheel and wedges in the derailleur cage during a sprint or on a climb. This sudden halt in movement can lead to a ripped off derailleur, which is a seriously costly problem.

What does it mean when your jockey wheels are heavy?

If you find heavy rotational resistance when you’re checking your jockey wheels, then this is also a sign that the jockey wheels need replacing.

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