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how to fit a necked barrel bolt

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How to Install a Barrel Door Bolt1. Install the barrel bolt at a height that is easily reachable. …2. Retract the barrel and place the barrel guide on the inside of the door with its edge flush with the edge of the door. …3. Drill a 1/8-inch hole into the door on each mark. …More items

How do you install a barrel bolt on a door?

Put the bolt to one side and check that the markings are aligned before using the power drill to create shallow pilot holes using a drill bit thats narrower than the fixing screws that shall be used. Screw the barrel bolt onto the door and as you tighten the screws hold it in alignment with the straight line to ensure it screws on level.

What is the best position to fit barrel bolts?

Once you have the tools required and have purchased the barrel bolt (s), it’s time to decide on the position that would be best for fitting. Fitting bolts at the top and bottom of a door provides the most security whilst avoids interference with the door handles.

What is an offset necked barrel bolt used for?

The offset necked barrel bolt is mainly used on internal doors where extra security is needed. It is usually fitted on the top of the door so that it locks into the top door jamb. View All of Our Latest Products.

Can I use a barrel bolt instead of a lock?

You have no items in your shopping cart. Barrel bolts or sometimes named sliding bolts are an alternative to external or internal door locks with keys, they are a simple locking mechanism and super easy to fit along with being one of the cheapest solutions to securing a door.

Why do you need to chisel out of the architrave?

At this point you may now need to chisel a little out of the architrave to allow the keep to be fixed at the same level as the bolt itself.

How to adjust a boat float?

Using your boat float, position it along the flat top edge of the bolt and adjust until it’s absolutely level and mark the top left hand screw hole with your pencil. Remove the level and allow the bolt to swing back down out of the way and drill another pilot hole for your second screw.

What is the final job of a door bolt?

With the door bolt now fixed firmly to the door the final job is to fix the bolt keep onto the door frame.

How to get a tidy finish on a chisel?

Once you have removed the bulk tidy up the edges using the chisel and then a medium grade piece of sand paper. As this will probably be quite a tight area to get into you can wrap the sand paper over the end of the chisel or a screwdriver and use it as a sanding block to really get into those corners and give yourself a nice sharp, tidy finish.

How to keep a door flush?

With the keep flush on the door frame use your pencil to mark the screw holes on the frame. Ensure there is a little movement around the bolt in the keep so that once all fixed, it is not too stiff to close. Remove the keep and open up the door again.

How to fix a door with a bolt?

Door with door bolts fixed top and bottom. With your position chosen, hold only the bolt on the door. Make sure that the end of the bolt is not overhanging the door itself and touching on the frame. Position it right on the edge of the door so that you have the maximum length available from the bolt.

Who is the creator of DIY Doctor?

All project content written and produced by Mike Edwards, founder of DIY Doctor and industry expert in building technology.

How to make a bolt holder for a door?

Hold the main body of the bolt over your pilot holes and drill into position. Hold the staple against the door frame, level with the bolt. Draw around it with your pencil. Now you need to chisel out a shallow recess for the bolt holder. Make a series of deep cuts along your pencil outline. Remove the wood.

How to make a bolt stronger?

How much strength do you need the bolt to have? Cut a piece of plywood larger than the size of the bolt. Glue this to the door where you want the bolt, lining up the front edge of the plywood with the edge of the door. Then, screw the bolt onto the plywood. If you need a stronger latch, it will require a lot more work.

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What is sliding bolt?

Sliding bolts are locks on the inside of doors that can’t be opened by keys on the outside.

Where does the bolt go on a door?

The bolt generally goes on the interior side of the door , on the same edge as the door latch, to prevent people from entering (regardless of door warp).

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