how to fit a maxi cosi car seat

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  • How do I know which Maxi-Cosi car seats fit my car?

  • The best way to do so, is to check the user manual of your car. Most new cars will have ISOFIX, but in some cars it is not possible to install a support leg or top tether. Our helpful Car Fitting List will tell you exactly which of our Maxi-Cosi car seats fit your car.

  • What base should I use with my Maxi-Cosi Tinca car seat?

  • Maxi-Cosi’s Tinca ISOFIX Base is the perfect match to go with your Maxi-Cosi Tinca car seat thanks to its lightweight design and easy-to-use Click Go installation.

  • How does the Maxi Cosi familyfix 360 work?

  • Your Maxi Cosi 360 Car Seat simply clicks onto the base using ClickGo technology. The Maxi Cosi FamilyFix 360 also boasts FlexiSpin technology which makes the seat rotate in any reclined position, and thanks to the handle on the base, this can be achieved using only one hand- ideal for busy parents who never have enough hands!

  • How do you install an ISOFIX car seat?

  • 1 Pull out the ISOFIX fixing points of our base or car seat. These are the yellow metal bars. 2 Place the base or car seat on the back seat of your car. 3 Push the car seat firmly against the back rest to lock the 2 fixing points onto the metal clips of the vehicle seat. …

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