how to fit a lock on a bedroom door

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  • How do you install a door lock on a bedroom door?

  • 1 Step One: Marking the Latch Slot Before you even begin, make sure the fork can fit into the latch hole of your bedroom door. … 2 Step Two: Bending the Fork Take the pair of pliers and bend the prongs to a 90-degree angle. … 3 Step Six: Now, Enjoy Enhanced Privacy and Security

  • Can you put a lock on a door handle?

  • Most ready-to-use doors from the DIY stores have a recess for a lock in the edge. There are usually no holes on the front and rear sides of the door (for the door handle and if required the key). You can fit a standard mortise lock with a sprung latch operated by the door handle and a key鈥憃perated locking bolt, or a security lock.

  • How to install door knobs with lock body?

  • Next, you need to insert your preferred doorknob on both sides. To connect the doorknob with a lock body, there is a part called a spindle. Make sure you are joining them carefully. By placing knobs on both sides parallelly, insert the screws, and secure them well.

  • How to put a lock on a door without drilling?

  • How to Put a Lock on a Door Without Drilling 1 Keyed-entry Door Knob. If you can’t drill to install a lock, consider simply removing and replacing the door knob. … 2 Temporary or Portable Door Lock. Another option for putting a lock on a door is a temporary or portable door lock. … 3 Top-of-Door Lock. …

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