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how to fit a lintel

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How do you prepare a lintel for installation?

The lintel should be bedded on mortar and levelled both along the lintel and across its width. Full bricks, blocks or padstones should be used as bearing areas. DO NOT bear lintels onto cut blocks. 2. Prior to installation, the lintel should be examined carefully for any defects, or signs of damage.

What is adequate bearing on a lintel?

Adequate bearing should be achieved at either side of the lintel – A lintel will need a certain amount of cover or bearing either side of the opening that it supports. This is to ensure that the lintel does not deflect under the load that it is supporting. Will my building inspector check that lintels are adequately installed?

What size lintel do I need for my load span?

This first load span table is for a standard 50mm cavity lintel. The second table is for a 50mm composite extra heavy duty (CXHD) lintel. Let’s assume you need a 900mm lintel, you would look at the details of the first column of each of the two tables.

Which leg of a steel lintel should be the highest?

The vertical leg of a steel lintel should always be the highest – Careful calculations are made off-site to ensure that the lintel provided is adequate to support the load above it. If the lintel is incorrectly installed, the lintel may no longer be able to support the load and may visibly deflect over time, causing loads to be place upon frames.

What Is a Lintel?

A lintel is a beam that is used above the openings for doors or windows in order to support the weight of the structure above.

Steps to installing a Lintel

Proper lintel installation requires numerous steps. We’ll take a look at some of the basics below.

Key takeaways and guideance on installing a Lintel

Installation should always be in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are in doubt as to the structural performance or suitability of a lintel then please contact the manufacturers technical department before ordering/installation.

Are You Looking for High-Quality Lintels?

If you’re looking to purchase Stressline galvanized or Catnic lintels, then you’re in the right place.

Things To Consider About Brick Wall Lintel Before Installing It

Installing a brick wall lintel doesn’t require you to be a professional. But, there are a few things to consider before proceeding with the installation. We have provided the necessary considerations you need to make b efore this DIY project begins. Take a look at them:

Installing Brick Wall Lintel In Just 5 Steps

Generally people take help from professionals to get this job done. But if you know the process and have got the tools, it shouldn’t be difficult. Read each of these steps carefully as it is like an instruction manual.


By now you know how to install a brick wall lintel. Every detail that we provided will come in handy when you will install windows.

What is a lintel?

A lintel is a structural support over an opening, allowing loads to be transferred to the foundations without unnecessary stress placed upon frames such as windows or doors. A lintel should have sufficient strength and stiffness and be made of a material that is compatible with the masonry it supports.

Do I need a lintel?

Lintels are required for all openings over timber frames greater than 600mm in width, & for all openings over steel frames greater than 900mm. Often the specifications on the building plans will also state additional reinforcing measures such as steel rod through bed joints in subsequent courses of masonry above openings.

How are lintels installed?

Lintels are lifted into position whilst constructing brickwork, which may be done manually or by assistance of a crane. Usually a small gap is left above a window or door frame, to ensure that the lintel is supporting the load, as well as allowing for minor movements such as settlement of foundations or swelling of the frame itself.

Will my building inspector check that lintels are adequately installed?

Cap-It-All Building Inspections will check compliance of lintel installation at every plate height inspection.

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