how to fit a kitchen sink into a worktop

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  • How do you attach a sink to a kitchen worktop?

  • Lower each one into the holes you cut for them. When done correctly, they鈥檒l fit snugly inside. The sink and cooktop won鈥檛 fall through because their tops overhang on the worktop surface. Screw the sink and cooktop into place.

  • Do you fit kitchen worktop before sink and taps?

  • Many people fit the worktop and sink first then struggle underneath it in a really confined space, but there is no need to fit the kitchen worktop before you get the plumbing ready to accept the sink and taps. When you are fitting a kitchen worktop you need to follow the manufacturer鈥檚 recommendations for cutting and fitting.

  • Should I cut a hole in my worktop to fit a sink?

  • Once you cut a hole in your worktop to fit a kitchen sink, there’s no going back. That’s the only thing that’s intimidating about this job, really. Why? Because if you mess it up, you’ll probably need to buy a new one which they’re not that cheap.

  • Can I fit my own kitchen worktops?

  • See more about fitting different kitchen worktops in our Projects section. If you have wood or Formica worktops you will be able to cut your own worktops to size and shape and you will be able to cut the holes you need for your sink, taps and other appliances.

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