how to fit a freestyle libre sensor

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How to freestylelibresensor? On a hard surface, press firmly down on the sensor applicator until it comes to a stop. Place the sensorapplicator over the prepared site and push down firmly to apply the sensorto your body. Gently pull the sensor applicator away from your body. The sensorshould now be attached to your skin.

People also ask

  • Can I choose a new FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor?

  • When you start a new FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor you’re able to choose again. To support our users who cannot use the FreeStyle LibreLink app, we will replace any existing FreeStyle Libre reader with a new FreeStyle Libre 2 reader free of charge.

  • What comes in the FreeStyle Libre 2 starter pack?

  • When you open your new FreeStyle Libre 2 reader starter pack, you鈥檒l find the quick start guide, the reader, the user鈥檚 manual, a USB cable, and power adapter. Along side, the FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor pack comes in two parts, the sensor applicator and the sensor pack.

  • What should I avoid while wearing the FreeStyle Libre 2?

  • Avoid tight clothing on your arms while wearing the sensor. Tight clothing around your arms may pull off the sensor. Avoid contact sports and heavy exercise with activity that may knock off your sensor. The FreeStyle Academy is a unique resource committed to supporting you with your FreeStyle Libre 2 system.

  • How long does it take to get a replacement FreeStyle Libre reader?

  • You will be required to enter your existing FreeStyle Libre reader serial number and create a webshop account if you don’t already have one. Delivery can take up to 14 working days. Sorry you are not eligible for a replacement FreeStyle Libre 2 reader.

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