how to fit a cushion cover

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  • How to make a cushion cover?

  • Open up both pieces of fabric, still face down. Stitch the zipper using a zipper foot along both edges. Then, remove the loose stitch where the zipper is. Stitch the rest of the edges of your cushion cover. Finish the seams to make sure that the fabric doesn鈥檛 fray. Then, flip the cover inside out, and you鈥檝e got yourself a new cushion cover!

  • How do you turn a couch cushion right side out?

  • To push the corners fully right-side out you may need to stick your fingers or a chopstick inside the cushion cover once it is turned right-side out. Insert your cushion into your new cushion cover. You will need to squeeze it inside between the overlapping flaps on the back of the cover.

  • How do you sew foam cushions together?

  • Apply a seam finish (such as a zigzag stitch) to all of the seam allowances. Turn the cover right side out, and press it. Then, gently guide the foam through the open space you left, making sure the cushion reaches into all four corners. Once the foam is inside the cover and everything is smooth, pin the opening closed and hand sew it.

  • How can I make my sofa cushions more comfortable?

  • My solution is an easy shortcut; an elastic cushion cover, like a fitted sheet. The construction may not sound as fancy, but the end result looks pretty close to the deluxe version.

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