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how to fit a ceiling spotlight

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How to install ceiling light spots?

There are really only 4 steps to fitting ceiling spots: 1 Positioning the downlights 2 Fitting the downlights into ceiling 3 Wiring the lights 4 Inserting the down light unit.

Can I replace my pendant ceiling light with recessed spotlights?

If you want to replace your pendant ceiling light with recessed spotlights, start by installing the lights with the appropriate cables. Because spotlights (and particularly transformers) can get very hot, they’re a potential fire risk if there’s not enough ventilation.

How do you install a recessed down light in a ceiling?

Inserting a recessed downlight As the light slides into the hole, the wire catches will catch on the ceiling and force out the springs so that they push down on the upper side of the ceiling boards holding the light unit in place. Slide the light unit into the hole you have cut in the ceiling Choosing Your Recessed Down Lights

Should you install spot lights or pendant lights?

Having spot lights recessed into your ceiling is a fantastic way to light a room, especially where it is not practical to have other types of lighting, such as a pendant light. Pendant lights are not as effective, particularly in bathrooms or kitchens.

How to power a transformer and light?

Or you can power the lights and transformer from a lighting circuit. Install a four-terminal junction box in a suitable position and run cables to a new switch and transformer, and from there to the lights. Step 2. You’ll need to match the transformer output wattage to the combined wattage of the lamps it’ll supply.

Why do spotlights get hot?

Because spotlights (and particularly transformers) can get very hot, they’re a potential fire risk if there’s not enough ventilation. So always pull any insulation material well clear of the fitting and fit specially designed heat diffusers to your down lighters.

How do low voltage lights work?

Low-voltage lights take their power from a 12-volt transformer. You can link this to a spur taken from a nearby power circuit via a 5-amp fused connection unit. If you switch the connection unit, you can use it to turn the lights on and off. Or you can power the lights and transformer from a lighting circuit.

How to position a light in a circle?

Use a pair of compasses to draw a circle in pencil on the ceiling where you’ll position your light. After checking for pipes or cables with a detector, drill a small through – just inside the circle.

Can you use recessed lights with pendant lights?

Want to create some interesting lighting effects in your home? Replace your standard pendant light fittings with recessed spotlights. These come with fittings to take a range of bulbs, including low energy and LED. Or you could choose low-voltage LED spotlights which are a particularly safe and practical option in your kitchen or bathroom.

Can you use low voltage LED lights in a bathroom?

Or you could choose low-voltage LED spotlights which are a particularly safe and practical option in your kitchen or bathroom. As you’ll need to cut holes in your ceiling to fit recessed spotlights, always check there are no obstacles like joists in the ceiling where you want to fit the lights.

Is it safe to use LED lights in kitchens?

LED lights are energy efficient and long lasting and are typically smaller than normal lights – with a neat, streamlined appearance. They give a variety of lighting effects, which makes them useful for general lighting or picking out features in the room. They’re easy to install and are a safe option – particularly in kitchens, as they carry no risk of electrocution. You can simply clip low-voltage cables along the top or underside of your units. The light is very bright and directed, which is perfect over your kitchen work surface.

How heavy can an electrical box hang?

Any electrical box that is threaded to access 8-32 screws can hang up to 50 pounds. In addition, ensure that your electrical box is securely fastened.

How to test a light fixture with a non contact voltage detector?

If the tester lights, switch off circuit breakers or loosen fuses one at a time until the tester light goes off . Next, disconnect the wires from the light fixture.

How to connect neutral wire to light fixture?

Connect the neutral wire from the light fixture to the neutral white wire in the box. If your fixture is wired with a lamp-style cord rather than white ( neutral wire) and black (hot) wires, identify the neutral wire by looking for silver conductors, writing, squared corners, or ribs or indentations on the insulation.

What does it mean when a tester lights up?

If the tester lights up, you’re in business!

How much weight do you need to support a light fixture?

In addition, ensure that your electrical box is securely fastened. For light fixtures that are over 50 pounds, you’ll need to support them independent of the electrical box. This can be done by installing a fan brace box.

What is electric city?

Electric City Corporation specializes in electrical troubleshooting, electrical repairs, and a complete line of other services for residential and commercial clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated business, we’ll treat your family just like ours – with courtesy and respect.

Where to touch neon voltage tester?

Then, touch the leads of a neon voltage tester between the hot wire and the metal box. Or, you can touch the leads of the voltage tester between the hot wire and bare copper ground wire if there is one.

Should you use 12 Volt or 230 Volt lights?

It used to be popular to use 12 V lights in kitchens and bathrooms because they offered a better light and also had the benefit of being lower voltage, however they need a transformer to step the voltage down which will get hot so needs to be ventilated.

What Other Ratings for Downlighters do you Need to Consider?

You must consider the safety zones in bathroom where the lights are going to be fitted ( which you can find all about here) as you will need to use IP rated lights in these zones. You need to ensure that you are using the right IP rated light in the zone you are planning to have the lights fitted.

Are Integrated Downlights Better or Worse Than Standard Downlights?

Integrated downlights are lights where the blub is fitted inside them and cannot be removed – integrated. Because LED bulbs have such a long life it is considered that they will outlast the life of the lightitself, or at least provide sufficient life.

How far away should you put downlighters from a joist?

Joists will be (should be!) evenly spaced so once you know the spacing you can predict where they will be, meaning that you can avoid putting your holes for the downlighters within around 6 inches of a joist, ideally.

Why is the ceiling important?

As we mentioned above, the ceiling is an important fire barrier to slow the spread of a fire to upper floors. Peppering this with holes will not help, so you should fill these holes with fire rated lights and in many cases the regulations will ensure you have to – see more information in the Building Regulations Approved Document B all about fire safety.

What is the size of downlight?

The key measurements for a downlight. Typically domestic downlights use a cut out of 80mm, although there is a huge range from anything from 30mm to 200mm and more .

What is cut out in ceiling?

Cut out – this is the size of the hole you need to cut in the ceiling to insert the light. This dimension is normally provided on the box containing the light

What is the ground wire on a light fixture?

The ground wire is the bare copper wire and should be connected to the green grounding screw in the crossbar. Wire black to black and white to white. Have a helper hold the rest of the fixture while you connect the wires. Tuck the wires into the electrical box.

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How to turn off light switch?

Find the main breaker box, and turn off either the individual breaker for the room or the main power breaker. Always test the power by flipping the light switch a few times before proceeding.

Where do you put the screws on a crossbar?

Thread the screws into holes on each side of the crossbar. If you’re using a rod, thread it into the center hole of the crossbar.

Can you connect post 1985 wiring to pre 1985 wiring?

Do not connect a post-1985 fixture to pre-1985 wiring. The heat from the fixture may melt the insulation around the wires and become a fire hazard.

Do ceiling lights have ground wire?

Interior ceiling lights usually have no ground wire connection, unless there is a receptacle in addition to the socket. Remember that the "hot" (black or red) wire goes to the brass colored screw, "neutral" (white) to the silver screw.

How many watts does a downlight need?

Usually, your ceiling will have 6 inches (15 cm) of space behind it, but it may vary depending on the age of your home. Get a bulb that has LEDs and emits about 35 wat ts so it’s bright enough for your room.

How to tell if a joist is joist?

You can also try knocking on the ceiling to see if you hear a hollow noise. If you hear a hollow, echoing sound, then there isn’t a joist behind it. If you hear a solid thumping sound, then there may be a joist there.

How to check if a downlight is working?

Check behind the ceiling with a pipe and wire detector to make sure it’s clear. Hold the detector flat against your ceiling in the spot where you want to place the downlight. Move the detector slowly back and forth over the area, and check the machine if it beeps or lights up.

How to splice black wires?

Splice the matching wires with wire caps. Hold the 2 ends of the black wires together so they point straight up. Use a pair of pliers to twist the ends together so they form a good connection. Twist a wire cap clockwise onto the connection to cover the exposed ends. Repeat the process with the white and uninsulated wires.

How to wire a 14/2 light?

Feed a 14/2 cable through the wall using a wire tape so it lines up with the area where you’re placing the light. The 14/2 cable contains 1 hot wire , 1 neutral, and 1 ground. You can buy 14/2 wire from your local hardware store. If you don’t feel comfortable wiring your home, call an electrician to do it for you.

How to cut a hole in a drill?

A hole saw has a ring-shaped blade that connects to the end of your drill. Opt for a blade that has carbide or diamond grits to cut the clean est hole. Rotate the chuck, which is the front part where you attach the bit, counterclockwise to loosen it. Slide the center bit of the hole saw into the chuck so the blades face out. Turn the chuck clockwise to tighten the saw in place.

What to do if you don’t feel comfortable installing lights?

If you don’t feel comfortable installing the lights yourself, then contact a lighting specialist or an electrician to do the work for you.

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