how to fit a car seat base

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To install the car seat base,set the base in the middle seat of the car as shown. The base of the car seat should sit at a 30-45 degree anglewhen it is sitting on the seat properly. Use the car seat’s angle indicator if available. Use the vehicle’s seatbelt to secure the car seat base to the vehicle.

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  • How do you attach a seat base to a car seat?

  • Many car seat bases include an attached belt with two hooks that can latch onto designated spots near your car鈥檚 seat belt area. If your car manufacturer included these, snap the hooks onto the metal bars at those designated spots. Tighten the anchor belt attached to the base until the base is snug against the seat.

  • What is a car seat base and how does it work?

  • A child car seat base is a really easy way to fix your child’s car seat into your car. The base is anchored into the car, allowing you to clip the seat in and out easily, and into a buggy frame if required.

  • How to fit a child鈥檚 car seat properly?

  • Put the child鈥檚 car seat on the seat you want to fit it to. Rotate the seat by 90 degrees so that the front of the seat is facing towards you and where the seatbelt pulls out from. Pull the seatbelt out, pinching the shoulder and lap parts of the belt together. Make sure that the belt does not become twisted.

  • How do you secure a seatbelt to the backseat?

  • Thread the seat belt through the base, alternatively. If your car seat does not use the anchor system, it will be secured to the backseat with the car鈥檚 seat belt. Feed the belt through designated openings in the base and buckle it. The seatbelt should fit cleanly, and not be twisted or bunched up.

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