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how to fit a car cover

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How To Put On Your Vehicle Cover1. Find the front of your cover. …2. Place cover on the highest point of your vehicle with the outer layer facing upwards.3. Begin unfolding the cover outward toward either end of the vehicle.4. If your cover includes mirror pockets,place these over the side mirrors before stretching the ends of the cover over the front and rear bumpers.More items

What is the best type of car cover?

Types of Car CoversIndoor Covers. Indoor car covers are meant to be used (you guessed it!) indoors. …Outdoor Covers. If you regularly park your car in the driveway or on the street,you’ll want to look for an outdoor car cover.All-Weather Covers. These top of the line covers are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions (within reason,of course).

How to choose the best car cover?

Key considerationsMaterial. While some car covers are often made of lightweight nylon,others consist of multiple thick layers of cotton,canvas,velour,and other fabrics.Size. The size of a car cover matters because different vehicles have different measurements. …Heat protection. …Ease of use. …

Should you put a car cover on a wet car?

When a car is sitting in the outdoor elements like rain and snow, it’s possible for moisture to get trapped under the car cover, which can in turn do damage to your car’s paint. There are some covers out there that are completely waterproof, and while they are great for blocking out water, they can possibly also trap water underneath.

What are the best outdoor car covers?

【Premium Material】— Kayme 6 Layers Car Covers Are Made Of Heavy Duty Material. (1) PePeva Are 100% Waterproof,It’s Great For Rainproof Snowproof. …【Professional Design】— 1.With Door Zipper In The Left Of The Cover For Easy Access. 2. …【Dimension】— A2 Is Universal Fit For Sedan Which Length Is 186-193 Inch. (Not For Suv Hatchback). …

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What to do if your car does not have an antenna?

If your vehicle does not have an antenna that can be removed or retract flush with your vehicle, you should have received an antenna patch.

What is a car cover?

Car covers are a great way to protect your vehicle from things like water, bird droppings, tree sap, and even theft. But sometimes installing them can be confusing and hard.

How wide is a car pile?

Fold up both sides onto the top of the vehicle into a long pile approximately 2 feet (60 cm) wide.

Where to put adhesive patch on antenna?

Apply the adhesive-backed antenna patch to where the antenna would hit the cover if it were installed and aligned properly.

What is the front tag on a car cover?

1. Most car covers will have a "Front" tag either sewn or stamped to the front of the cover. Use this to determine the front and rear of your cover. …

Where to secure a car cover?

Once you’ve identified the front of the cover, secure this area of the cover around the front bumper first, then pull the cover over the top of the vehicle and secure under the rear bumper last .

How do I wash a car cover?

To wash the car cover by hand, simply install the cover on your vehicle and use a water hose to remove all the contaminants, then use a cloth with any multi-purpose cleaner to wash the cover. Apply the water again, then use a dry cloth or towel to dry out the cover or simply let it air dry.

What is a heavy duty wind cover?

Heavy Duty Car Cover Wind Straps is an option for use in areas where wind may lift and/or blow a cover off a vehicle. The kit includes two sets of hem clamps and two 7-foot lengths of cord. The clamps are placed on both sides of the vehicle in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires. The cord is then affixed to a clamp on one side of the vehicle and secured to the clamp on the opposite side to help reduce movement of the cover.

How many straps are there in a scuba diver?

2 x Straps and Buckles sewn to the cover (one pair in the front and one pair in the back)

How to center antenna cover?

Center the cover, align both seams with the roof edges and be sure the cover is pulled down evenly over the front and rear bumpers. Carefully unfold the portion of the cover that is next to the antenna and position it next to the base of the antenna.

What to do if your car has an outside radio antenna?

If your vehicle has an outside radio antenna which will not retract flush with the vehicle body, you will have to provide an opening in the cover. We have included a noncorrosive plastic grommet set to reinforce the antenna opening.

Where to place antenna cover?

Place the cover on the vehicle except for the fender or body panel where the antenna is located. For Example, if the antenna is located on the front passenger side fender, roll or fold the cover away from the antenna and cover the remainder of the vehicle. (Do not attempt to place the cover over the top of the antenna.)

Where are the straps on a car?

One pair is located in front, the other pair is located in the back. Those straps go under the front bumper and under the back bumper. Take the strap and walk around the car then clip the strap in the buckle. Repeat for all straps. Your cover is now fitted.

How to put on a car cover?

How To Put On Your Vehicle Cover. 1. Find the front of your cover. It should be marked with a label or some other indicator. 2. Place cover on the highest point of your vehicle with the outer layer facing upwards. 3. Begin unfolding the cover outward toward either end of the vehicle. 4.

How to cut an antenna hole?

1. Locate and mark where the antenna’s base will meet the cover . 2. Mark a circle around the base where you will cut the antenna hole. 3. Remove cover from your vehicle and cut a small hole (about one inch in diameter) where you’ve made your circle mark. 4.

Can you put a car cover on a car that has been painted?

If your car has recently been painted, you must allow the painted surface to completely cure before putting on your cover. Covering your vehicle before the paint has cured can damage your new paint job. Check with the painter or body shop for when it is safe to use your cover.

How to remove a car cover from the front bumper?

First, remove the cover from its packaging. Locate the tag labeled “front” on the inside of your car cover. Once this is done, simply secure the cover to the front bumper. Carefully pull the rest of the cover over the vehicle.

How to fix a car antenna that is not retractable?

Note – If the antenna on your vehicle is not retractable, you’ll want to mark the placement of the antenna on your cover and then apply a self-adhesive patch to the area. Once this is done, carefully puncture, or cut a hole in middle of the patch for your antenna to go through.

Can you leave your car parked outside?

Anytime you leave your vehicle parked outside, it’s vulnerable. Bird droppings, tree sap, and various weather elements can really do a number to your paint job. You’d be amazed at just how well a quality van cover can help keep your car in pristine condition. Unfortunately, most vehicle owners think that putting on a car cover is too much work and decide to leave their vehicle exposed. The truth of the matter is, once you learn how to properly use a car cover, putting it on and taking it off is a snap. Here are a couple of easy steps to ensure the installation of your car cover goes smoothly.

Can you put a car cover on and take it off?

The truth of the matter is, once you learn how to properly use a car cover, putting it on and taking it off is a snap. Here are a couple of easy steps to ensure the installation of your car cover goes smoothly.

How to measure your car for a car cover

Length: Measure from left to right across the longest part of your car. This must include bumpers, spare tires, and other accessories.

Car cover size charts

Car cover sizes are mostly determined by the size of the car and are divided into 5 size-types of cars.

Why do i need a car cover?

Tired of spending time Washing your vehicle that sits there for days at a time? Wash it and Cover it! From snow, sun, bird droppings, dust or high winds, car covers help keep your vehicle cleaner longer, meaning less frequent washes.


Do you want a snug fit that’s easy to cover your car with and easy to pull off when not needed but not too loose? Check the Car cover size charts to find the right cover for your car. Generic car covers are available but they provide mediocre protection against elements.

Can indoor car covers be used outdoors?

Yes, but only for a very short period of time and in good weather conditions. Moisture will get trapped underneath the cover and will affect your car. An indoor car cover protects your vehicle from dust and dirt while in your garage, not from UV or rain in the open.

How often should I use my car cover?

To best preserve your vehicle, we recommend using your car cover whenever your car isn’t in use. This is equally applicable for everyday use vehicles and more vintage collector’s pieces. The cliche "better safe than sorry" applies here! It may not be the end of the world if you forget to put your cover on, but you never know what might happen. An excellent tip for everyday use vehicles is getting a lightweight cover, so it is easy to put on and take off.

Why are car covers breathable?

In contrast, breathable car covers allow condensation to evaporate quickly. This shortens the amount of time your vehicle is exposed to moisture, which prevents corrosion or mildew. Learn more about the importance of breathable car covers. Rain running off of a water-resistant, breathable cover.

How long does it take for a contour fit to ship?

Contour covers are also readily available and ship within 1-2 business days so your vehicle can get the protection it needs when it needs it.

What do you need to know before buying a car cover?

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Car Cover. If you want to keep your car, truck, or SUV clean and looking its best, proper storage is the only way to go. A durable vehicle cover is essential, whether you’re keeping your car in a garage, carport, or driveway. They serve as a key barrier against dirt, debris, scratches, rain, sunlight, and snow.

What is the difference between custom and contour car covers?

The biggest difference between custom and contour covers is the availability of specific features and the price. Unlike contour-fit covers, custom car covers typically include mirror and antenna pockets. Though custom covers provide a tighter fit, it comes at a cost and a longer delivery time of 2-4 weeks.

Why do you need to dust your car before painting?

For the best protection, dust or wash your car before covering it again. This prevents grime from being trapped under the cover and resting on your paint. If there is a layer of dirt between the cover and your vehicle, it will act like sandpaper when the cover is moved , potentially causing paint scratches .

How to keep car cover from blowing off in wind?

If you regularly face high winds, you may want to invest in additional security measures. Always choose a cover that includes elastic hems and a buckle strap. This will offer protection against light to moderate winds, provided the cover fits your car correctly.

Step by Step Guide on How to Measure Your Car For a Custom Fit Car Cover!

If you are wondering, ‘how do I know my car cover size to protect my car’? Then let me tell you that with a proper measurements and a custom fit car cover, you will be able to protect your car against the sun, snow, sleet, hail, and rain.

Benefits Of Using A Car Cover And How It Protects Your Vehicle From the Elements

A car cover is a protective sheet that’s designed to shield your vehicle from the elements. There are many benefits of using a car cover. It not only protects your vehicle from scratches, it also protects it from the sometimes harsh weather conditions that come with living in different regions.

Types of Car Covers

There are many different types of car covers and each one comes with its own pros and cons. Let’s look at the different types of car covers available, the pros and cons for each, and who might need them.

Car Cover Size Chart by type of car

A car cover that fits your vehicle just right can protect your car from weather, damage, and theft. If you want to find the perfect car cover for your vehicle, it is important to measure and compare the fit of different covers before making a decision.

What is Overdrive Polypro cover?

Please note that the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover is a universal fit cover with elastic hem corners. They are, however, offered in a variety of sizes for both cars and SUVs.

How much does a hail protector cost?

If you’re keeping your car in your driveway, though, the Hail Protector can provide a level of hail protection that few other car covers can match. At $499 (for the smallest size), the Hail Protector is costly. It also takes a while to set up, since it needs to be inflated.

Why do you need a car cover?

Even if you’re attentive to maintaining a car and regardless of whether it’s parked on the street, in a garage or on a driveway, exposure eventually takes a toll on the paint. You can’t slow the march of time, but when it comes to keeping your vehicle in pristine condition, a car cover is a preventive measure that can help keep your four-wheeled baby from looking its age.

How much does Audew cover cost?

Audew’s waterproof car cover with UV protection is inexpensive, as well — the sedan model is $65, while the truck model is $78. With nearly 1,700 customer ratings, it currently has 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

How long is a carcapsule?

Though the model linked here is 16 feet long, the CarCapsule comes in a variety of sizes and price points. Most vehicles can be accommodated by one of them. CarCapsule makes covers for outdoor use, as well.

What is Audew 6 layer car cover?

The Audew 6 Layers Car Cover is ideal for blocking those UV rays – and repelling some of the heat that would otherwise get into your vehicle. It’s got six layers of different quality car cover material that make it thicker and softer than many other covers. It’s also waterproof, windproof and dustproof, so it’s effective protection against all sorts of weather.

How many stars does the Budge Lite Car Cover have?

And just because the Budge Lite Car Cover is ultra-affordable doesn’t mean that it sacrifices performance. It currently has an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, based on nearly 5,000 customer ratings.

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