how to fit a cafe racer seat

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  • What kind of seats are available for the racer?

  • Cafe Racer Seats (universal Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW etc…) CUSTOM LENGTH SEATS ARE AVAILABLE – IF YOU NEED A SHORTER SEAT JUST EMAIL US AND ASK PRIOR TO ORDERING. Don’t be fooled by CHEAP OVERSEAS knockoffs! This is the original MADE IN THE USA TUFFSIDE seat!

  • What was the look of a café racer?

  • The Caf Racer look is forever associated with 1960鈥檚 London. The magical engine size was 650cc and long tanks, short seats, clip-ons and loud exhausts were the order of the day. Caf Racers (or better 鈥渞ockers鈥? wore black studded jackets with drainpipe dark blue jeans and heavy boots. End of story.

  • How much does it cost to build a cafe racer?

  • Caf racers come in a lot of different setups and prices, from bikes under $1000 and even up to $60,000 (like the CX500 Caf Racer from Sacha Lakic ). I think it鈥檚 not necessary to spend thousands of dollars, so we鈥檒l hook you up to the bare essence of building a cafe racer.

  • What is a café racer conversion?

  • Basically speaking, a Caf Racer conversion will fall into five areas, namely, tank, seat, handlebars, footrests and exhaust. These are obviously just cosmetic changes but like every aspect of customization, the difference from mild to wild is purely down to the depth of your pockets.

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