how to fit 3 beds in one small room

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  • How to fit three kids in one bedroom?

  • 16 clever ways to fit three kids in one bedroom. 1 Curtain call. This bright and colourful bedroom uses custom made bunk beds to accommodate three girls. Curtains outside each bunk provide much-needed … 2 Triple Threat. 3 Corner advantage. 4 U-Shaped. 5 Side access. More items

  • Can you fit a double bed in a small bedroom?

  • Yes, getting stuck with a small bedroom is a bummer, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 come up with practical ways to fit in your furniture inside without giving it a cramped look. Since a double bed is a must-have item for couples 鈥?and is usually on the large side 鈥?it takes up the bulk of the space in a room, so here are some ways you can arran…

  • What’s the best way to arrange a room with three beds?

  • The pull out drawers underneath the beds are super handy and the three kids have their own, defined spaces and good floor space thanks to the corner positioning. (via: Duitang) This family has made use of the perimeter of the room by placing their three beds in a u-shaped formation.

  • How do you maximize space between two beds in a bedroom?

  • Attach bed risers to each of the beds to make space. These elevate the beds a couple feet off the ground to create storage space underneath. You can put flat storage under bins the beds to store seasonal clothes that aren鈥檛 in use. This will free up space in the closet and dresser. Make both beds into lofts for more space.

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