how to find rims that fit my tires

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Open up the driver鈥檚 door and look within the door jamor on the door itself and locate the sticker that has your tire information on it. Here you will find the wheel (rim) and tire size your vehicle came equipped with from the factory.

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  • How do I know what size tires to buy?

  • Tires have fairly flexible sidewalls, which will allow them to fit a fair range of rim widths. Make sure your tires fit within the range of your rim’s width. Subtract the diameter of your rims from the overall diameter of the tires currently on the rims (from tread-mark to tread-mark) and divide the result by 2.

  • How to choose the right rims for your car?

  • Tip: For winter, for example, experienced drivers advise buying tires with a higher profile and smaller width. The main thing is that the new size should fit perfectly. Lifehack: To get the best quality tires for the lowest price, you can buy a set of cheap rims of a smaller diameter and smaller diameter tires.

  • What is the difference between Rim/Wheel width and tire size?

  • Tire width and rim/wheel width are closely related measurements. A single tire size can be mounted on various rim widths which are limited by an Approved (recommended) rim width range. The tire gets its real size only when mounted on the rim.

  • Why should I match my tire section width to my rim?

  • By matching your tire section width to your rim width you can determine optimal, compatible, or not optimal fitting options to ensure the best tire rim combination. STEP 1: WHAT IS YOUR TIRE SIZE?

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