how to find lost gear fit 2

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  • How to fix Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro won鈥檛 turn on?

  • Restarting your Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and your phone will help solve most of your Gear Fit problems. It will get rid of the random temporary settings and configurations that try to hinder you from using your devices well. Samsung Gear Fit 2 pro Power Button.

  • How do I Find my Lost Galaxy Gear?

  • Locating Your Galaxy Gear Turn on your Samsung Galaxy device. Open Gear Manager. Start the 鈥淔ind My Gear鈥?function. Listen well for the Gear鈥檚 ringtone. Turn off the 鈥淔ind My Gear鈥?function.

  • How to install Samsung gearfit on Samsung Galaxy phones?

  • Take out all the apps related to Samsung GearFit including Samsung Accessory Service. Reboot the phone. Then Install the Wearable App and launch. If your gear does not show up on the phone it tells you to launch from the gear settings. This works and prompts you to install the plug in and the accessory service now.

  • How do I Turn Off 鈥渇ind my gear鈥?

  • Once you鈥檝e found where the Gear is located, you can turn off the 鈥淔ind My Gear鈥?function on your phone by tapping on 鈥淪top.鈥?You can also use your Galaxy Gear to locate a lost Galaxy device. Just tap on 鈥淪tart鈥?on the Find My Device app on your Galaxy Gear to turn on the screen of your Galaxy device and enable it to play a sound/ringtone.

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