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how to find clothes that fit men

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How can I find the best clothes that fit me best?

Try Stitch Fix once or set up automatic deliveries. Forget spending hours searching for clothing online, trying to guess what will fit you best. We have a proven approach to finding the best pieces for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Here’s how. One in three clients struggle to find clothing that fits them right.

How should a dress shirt fit?

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit? First and foremost, there should be no billowing of excess fabric anywhere. The sleeves and the body of the shirt should be cut the same; if it’s slim, it should be slim all over. Follow the same rules as the blazer and line up your shoulders to the shoulder seams.

Do you know how to know what fits?

Obviously, too many of you don’t know what fits. So, here are a few guidelines to follow: Pinch just an inch. When it comes to how shirts fit on the body, pants drape against the thigh, or jackets shape at the waist, if you can pinch more than an inch, keep going down a size until you can’t.

Is your suit fitting you correctly?

When your jeans, shirts, pants, jackets fit correctly, you don’t just look great (and like you know what you’re doing), you’re also comfortable. Here’s how to make it happen every time—step by step. How Should a Suit Fit? It’s imperative that your suit fits you correctly. Avoid buying one that’s too big or too tight by trying on different sizes.

Fit Guide for Men: 10 Ways to Find Clothes That Fit You Perfectly

It can be quite confusing to shop in a huge clothing mall or showroom when you do not know what to buy and what would look the best on you. Also, keeping in mind the latest clothing trends become a necessity if one needs to ace the look. A good quality shopping in the affordable range of budget calls for planning prior to heading in the market.

Understand your body type

It’s important to know about the dimensions of your body according to the standard clothing sizes to avoid any confusions at the store. A short height equals to 5’5″ and shorter, an average height complements to 5’6″ to 5’10” and a tall height is considered to be 5’11” and taller.


A perfectly fitting shirt makes the shoulder cuts visible. The shoulder seams of the shirt should coincide perfectly with the body shoulders. It should be such that the arms are raised and moved around comfortably without any constraint and no extra fabric should be accumulated around the back or under and along the sleeves.


A trouser that can fit well without a belt is the one with a good fitting. It should not seem to be saggy when the person sits comfortably. A good tapered pants is the one that does not cling to the lower leg, that is, the knee or the calf. The length must be so appropriate that it falls neatly over the rim of the shoe.


Jeans from different brands have their own standard sizes and fit, so it’s better to try them once before buying. The stomach should not seemingly pop out or look aggregated over the waistband of the jeans after they are zipped and buttoned. Slim fitted or tapered jeans look better than the ones with a relaxed fit.


A typical feature of proper fitting t-shirts is that the sleeves glide perfectly between the shoulder and the elbow by taking the shape of the muscle. The length is appropriate when it lands just below the belt line to make it look good with every style such as wearing an over shirt.


The foremost thing to consider while wearing blazers is the shoulder seam line. It must land perfectly over the shoulders to give a proper fitting. The length of the blazer can be said to be correct if the fingers of the hands can touch the bottom hem of the blazer without bending the arms.

How to find a blazer that fits?

To find a blazer that fits correctly, keep trying them on until the shoulder seams lines up with your shoulders. The rest can be altered. With a traditional length, your fingers should touch the hem of the blazer when your arms are relaxed; the slim-fit blazer ends a little below the crotch and just above or on the curve of your backside.

Why do you need to know your body type before you start shopping?

This knowledge helps you to find garments that fit you properly. Taking this step first also saves you a lot of time and spares you from unnecessary frustration.

Where should a t-shirt fit?

The sleeves of a t-shirt should fall between your shoulder and your elbow and fit snugly. The bottom of the shirt should land right below your belt so that it stays put under a shirt or looks good worn as an over shirt. The shirt should fit at the sides, but be wide enough to be comfortable.

Do shoes feel tight?

Shoes are a vital aspect of any attire and good quality leather which breathes will last you years with good maintenance. Shoes should not feel tight or rub against any part of your foot. They should fit snugly while still feeling comfortable.

Do you need a tie for button down shirts?

Button-down shirts should be worn without a tie as they are essentially a business casual shirt. Your collar stays should make the collar stand crisply up towards your jaw, framing the neck.

What is a slim fit shirt?

For the shirting and jackets, the Slim Fit cut is fitted through the chest and shoulders with a slight taper in the waist, nothing exaggerated. Essentially, the slim cut is the most modern and will probably work for you unless you have a more muscular or stocky build.

How are Stretch Weekday warrior pants sized?

Pants like their Stretch Weekday Warrior dress pants are sized by waist and length, both in inches. Again, this gives a more exacting fit that factors in your height.

How to size Bonobos dress shirt?

Bonobos’ dress shirts like the Daily Grind Wrinkle Free shirt, for example, are first sized by both neck and sleeve measurements, in inches. That’s so the collar of the shirt lays properly and comfortably, and the cuff of the sleeve hits just the right spot at your wrist. (A too-short or too-long sleeve is a dead giveaway that you’re in the wrong size.)

How are Bonobos’ suits sized?

Bonobos’ Jetsetter wool suit jackets are sized by chest measurements in inches followed by an S, R or L, which stand for short, regular and long. Compared to regular blazers, short blazers are 1.75 inches shorter in body length and 1.5 inches shorter in sleeve length. Long blazers are 2.25 inches longer in body length and 2 inches longer in sleeve length. These differentiations help account for height when you’re looking for your ideal size.

Can you mix and match Bonobos?

The brilliant part of Bonobos’ comprehensive measurement and fit options is that you can mix and match fits to find the perfect combination to work for your upper and lower halves. “It’s really common for guys to be different fits on their upper and lower halves, which is why our suit jackets and pants are sold separately,” says McCracken.

Who is the famous person who wore a standard fit jacket?

Your celebrity inspiration: George Clooney. Like the straight or standard fit, Clooney is a true classic. It’s also a great option for guys with a bigger bod. “Standard fit jackets have less suppression in the waist and are good if you have a stockier build,” adds McCracken.

Who is the senior fashion manager at Bonobos?

To help us dive deeper on what exactly that means, I spoke with George McCracken, Bonobos’ Senior Fashion Manager. “You have to look at fit as both a mix of art and science,” says McCracken. “Fit can be subjective, based on personal style, but there are clear guidelines of what fits you from a measurement standpoint.”.

How Should a Blazer Fit?

Try on the blazer, and if you can move pretty easily, try sizing down and repeat until you hit one that’s too small, then go back up one size and that should be your perfect fit. Your shoulders and the shoulder seams should line up as exact as possible. If your lapels pop out when you button it, the blazer is too tight—try a different size.

How Should Dress Pants Fit?

Your pants should fit around your waist without a belt. If you can grab a significant amount of fabric in the leg of your pants, they’re too wide. A nice tapered leg will look cleaner and fit your body better, whatever your size, and the hem should either be just above your shoes or grazing the top of them.

How Should a T-Shirt Fit?

The arms on your t-shirt should be in between your shoulder and elbow and be on the slimmer side, the length should hit just below your belt and the width should leave room for the imagination without billowing.

How Should Jeans Fit?

First, figure out your waist size (your real waist size) by trying on a few different pairs if you’re not sure. You should be able to button your jeans without needing a belt or creating muffin top. Second, decide what type of fit in the legs you want. We recommend testing out a slim or tapered fit if you’re used to a baggier leg for a subtle change of pace. And last, your hem should graze the tops of your shoes. To cuff or not is up to you.

How to know if a suit fits you correctly?

Avoid buying one that’s too big or too tight by trying on different sizes. Make sure your shoulder seam hits right at the outside of your shoulder, the lapels are flat across your chest and your pants are tapered and barely skimming the top of your shoes. Remember, nothing should look or feel frumpy.

How to know if a blazer is a good fit?

For length, your fingers should be able to touch the blazer’s hem when your arms are straight down by your side and relaxed. You want your sleeves short enough so your shirt cuffs show (about half an inch) and slim enough that they follow the width of your arms. This is where a tailor might need to come in, but think of it as an investment that will pay itself off when you finally have the best-fitting blazer of all time.

Can you button jeans without a belt?

You should be able to button your jeans without needing a belt or creating muffin top. Second, decide what type of fit in the legs you want. We recommend testing out a slim or tapered fit if you’re used to a baggier leg for a subtle change of pace. And last, your hem should graze the tops of your shoes.

How far should cuffs stop on a shirt?

Remember, only tuck one inch. If you are in trim in the middle, look for those labeled “tapered fit.”. Shirt cuffs should stop at the lowest bone on your thumb, and protrude about 1/2 inch from your suit sleeve. For shirts, trust cotton: easiest to launder, most comfortable to wear.

What to do if a jacket doesn’t fit?

If a jacket doesn’t fit in the shoulders, don’t buy it, because you can’t fix it. And if it’s in your closet, give it away. It’s doing you no favors. Most men look best in two-button suits. Double-breasted suits have had a big comeback and can sure be dashing. But you can NEVER wear the jacket open.

How to get a Chihuahua to fall from knee to ankle?

Unless you are preparing to smuggle in your emotional support Chihuahua in your pant legs, fabric should gently hug the top of your butt, graze your thigh and taper slightly as it falls from knee to ankle. If you are more heavyset, then let the leg fall straight from the knee.

What is a salesperson in Bonobos?

A salesperson arranges clothes in a Bonobos. Women are usually willing to search. But most guys are lazy shoppers. And if I’m talking about you, listen up! You can pay $150 for a haircut, finally commit to skin creams, or even seek a dermatologist for a youth-promising treatment or two, but if your clothes hang on you, it’s over.

Do jeans need to be tighter?

Jeans call for a different fit. They should rise a little lower and definitely be tighter. Yes, tighter. At this point in life’s trajectory, don’t you dare wear your jeans low. You don’t look cool; just foolish and sloppy. It is not too late to look sexy and sleek. Let people see your rear.

Is a brand 8 the same as another brand?

And because this industry-wide charade has no standards, one brand’s 8 isn’t the same as another’s. So, while women generally know what looks good on them, they’re forced to play trial and error as they go from rack to rack. For men, however, the problem isn’t the manufacturer.

Who wears Zara shoes?

Saad Wadia wears Zara shoes, a Saran Kohli suit, waistcoat, shirt and tie; Edmund Kamara wears a Suitsupply waistcoat, trainers and trousers; Ari’el Stachel in a dark ensemble at Suitsupply during New York Fashion Week. If a jacket doesn’t fit in the shoulders, don’t buy it, because you can’t fix it.

What is the most important thing when it comes to pants?

Fit is most important when it comes to pants. I liked the pair from Stitch Fix a lot—especially the stretch.

How many clients struggle to find clothing that fits them right?

One in three clients struggle to find clothing that fits them right. Since sizes vary across brands, we measure the micro-dimensions of the clothes we carry to find the best pieces for your shape.

What is style expert?

Our style experts are professionally trained to find the best clothing that fits you and suits your unique style. Try us out to get the best-fitting clothing hand-picked just for you.

What to do if something doesn’t fit?

If something doesn’t fit, it’s easy to exchange it. Simply tell us what size you’d like, send the unwanted item back and we’ll ship the new one to your door. As always, shipping is on us!

Does stitch fix have labels?

Aside from offering a range of brands you know & trust, we partner with experts to design new, exclusive labels, only available through Stitch Fix.

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