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how to extend grease fittings

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To install grease fitting extensions:Threadthe non-flared end of the extension into the grease fitting hole of the mechanical part you are servicing. Thread the grease fitting into the flared end of the extension using a socket,wrench,or grease fitting multi tool. Tighten the fitting until the …

How do you install grease fitting extensions?

Grease fitting extensions are designed with external threads on one end and a flare with internal threads on the other. To install grease fitting extensions: Thread the non-flared end of the extension into the grease fitting hole of the mechanical part you are servicing.

What grease fittings are compatible with your grease Extension hoses?

There is an included grease Zerk fitting on the bulkhead end of our extension hoses. The included Zerk fitting can be replaced with a 90, 45, button head, or any other style of grease fitting. Because our entire grease extension hose system uses a 1/8″ NPT thread, any grease fitting with a 1/8″ thread will be compatible.

How do you lubricate grease fittings that are hard to reach?

Lubricate standard grease fittings in hard-to-reach areas. Extensions have a quick-disconnect fitting that snaps into your dispensing tip for standard grease fittings. These flexible extensions have a quick-disconnect fitting that snaps into your dispensing tip, so you can lubricate grease fittings that are hard to reach.

Why relocate grease fittings?

Relocate grease fittings that are hard to reach or in hazardous locations to a more convenient or safe location. Relocating all of your grease fittings to one convenient location significantly reduces the possibility of bearings going without lubrication during PM. No more climbing into machinery.

How do grease fittings work?

Grease zerk fittings work by acting as a one?way check valve that allows grease to pass through one way, but not the other. Inside the fitting is a ball check suspended by a spring. As grease is pushed into the fitting, pressure is created against the ball check that compresses the spring allowing grease to pass completely through the fitting. When grease flow stops, the spring pushes the ball check back to its original position, closing the fitting and preventing grease to escape.

What is the most common standard size grease fitting?

The most common standard grease fitting size is 1/4"?28 SAE?LT and is often used in automotive applications. They can also be found in agricultural environments as well as other various standard duty applications. For heavy duty applications, larger 1/8"?27 PTF zerk fittings can be found.

How much grease should I put on a fitting?

The amount of grease put in a fitting depends on the size of the part to which it is attached. As a general rule of thumb, apply grease until you begin to feel resistance while pumping. Do not apply grease until it seeps out of bearing seals or other components.

What are the different types of grease guns?

There are many different types and designs of grease guns, and we offer lever, pistol, cordless, and pneumatic grease guns. We have a gun for practically any application. G.L. Huyett offers the following on our site.

How to attach grease gun to zerk fitting?

First, ensure both the zerk fitting and the grease gun coupler are clean and free of debris and other contaminates. This will help ensure a secure connection between the fitting and the coupler. Next inspect the fitting to ensure there is no damage.

What is a grease zerk?

Intended for light oils and hydraulic fluids, leak?proof grease zerks are often used in the textile and food processing industries where prevent lubricant leakage is critical. Available in zinc clear, zinc yellow, or traditional steel finish. Designed to provide leak?proof seals up to 10,000 psi.

What is a button head grease fitting?

Button head grease fittings are a heavier duty fitting identified by their flat, low profile appearance. They are able to handle large grease volume due to their high flow rate and sturdy construction. They are commonly used on conveyors, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, and other rugged applications.

Why relocate grease fittings?

Relocate grease fittings to make all grease points easy to reach. Bearings that are missed during preventive maintenance (PM) will eventually fail. Hard-to-reach bearings are also going to be the most difficult and expensive to replace. It is much less expensive to grease these hard-to-reach bearings today than to replace them tomorrow.

Can you have a bearing failure from missed lubrication?

No more bearing failures from missed lubrication.

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What is dimension B?

Dimension B is the “Thread Length” and measures the depth of female threaded area that has been created for the male threads in the base of the grease fitting. This is most important of all grease fitting specifications because it fastens and thus completes the seal between the fitting and the component into which it is threaded.

Why is hex called hex?

Dimension X is called the “Hex” because it has six sides. The primary role of the Hex is for installation, where it sits flush against the component into which it is threaded. When installing a grease fitting, you will need a wrench, socket, or grease fitting installation tool that matches the size of the Hex dimension.

What gauge to use for grease fittings?

Use a female thread gauge to determine the Thread Length in situations where the original grease fitting specification is unknown or missing.

Is hex size metric or imperial?

The Hex size can be either imperial or metric. Because the Hex is primarily for installation it does not require as many size variations and standard Hex sizes will easily match wrench or socket head sizes. Fitting Angle is not necessarily assigned a dimension, but is another primary specification for determining the correct grease fitting size …

Is a fitting angle a dimension?

Fitting Angle is not necessarily assigned a dimension, but is another primary specification for determining the correct grease fitting size for your application.

How high can a 6mm nylon tube be used?

It is possible to comfortably run this 6mm high pressure grease tube up to 5 meters from the grease anchor block. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is great for:

Can you grease a remote grease line?

Remote Grease Lines and Fittings. Now you can grease those hard to reach, dangerous or contaminated grease points! Simply install remote grease lines from your difficult to reach grease points to a grease anchor block. Be confident that the grease tubes will not burst under pressure.

Is the olive fitting reusable?

All fittings except for the olive are reusable.

What are the three common grease fittings used on older vehicles?

Essentially, there are three common grease fittings used on older vehicles: grease cups, Alemite pin fittings, and Zerk fittings. All experience the same problem with old grease hardening and clogging the fitting.

What type of lubricant is used for moving joints?

Each of these parts must be maintained with proper lubrication – generally grease, but occasionally oil. Refer to the owner’s manual or service manual for location and the type of lubrication which is recommended for each moveable joint. Fresh grease must be forced, through the pressure of a grease gun, into each of the fittings in order to lubricate the moveable joint.

How to remove grease from Alemite fitting?

Begin by removing as much of the old grease with a small screwdriver and a piece of wire. You will be able to remove most of the visible grease from the bottom of the fitting. Because of the construction of the Alemite and Zerk fittings you will not be able to get the wire through the fitting. A spring and a check-ball seal the opening, preventing the grease from escaping out of the top of the fitting.

How to clean grease cup?

The grease cup can be cleaned by cleaning out the old grease, and using a wire to remove the old grease from the screw-in end of the grease cup. Wash the grease cup with a solvent and wire brush and piece of wire. Originally printed in Skinned Knuckles magazine, and copyrighted by SK Publishing/ Skinned Knuckles Magazine.

How to get grease out of a fitting?

A spring and check-ball prevent the grease from escaping from the fitting. After as much of the old grease is re-moved, heat the fitting with a hair dryer or a heat gun (set on low). When the grease is softened with the heat, immediately apply a grease gun to the fitting with fresh grease.

Why isn’t my grease coming out of the joint?

If, when trying to use a grease gun to force fresh grease into the joint through the grease fitting, fresh grease does not appear at the joint, it is probable that the fresh grease is being blocked and not getting through to the joint.

What is lubrication in a car?

by Neil Maken. The frame of a car or truck has a number of fittings which require lubrication. They are used in those areas where movement is necessary. These joints may be along the propeller shaft, the springs and the spring hangers, and especially in the front end the steering and the suspension. Each of these parts must be maintained …

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