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how to do myzone fitness test

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Step 1) Put your Myzone belt on and open the Strava app. Select the record screen before starting a session. Tap the heart rate icon at the bottom of the screen.Step 2) You will be prompted to connect a heart rate sensor. Once Strava finds your device,you will see ‘connected’ next to your Myzone ID#. …Step 3) You are ready to go! …

How does the MyZone app work?

It displays real time heart rate, calories and intensity with five colour coded personalised zones and has a simple rewards-based metric called MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) that align with the WHO guidelines for physical activity. The data can be displayed collectively for group training or individually direct to your smartphone.

How often do I need to do the MZ-fitness test?

As with other assessments, we recommend performing the MZ-Fitness Test every 6–8 weeks.That said, this test makes for an excellent warm-up, so you could perform it during every workout, if you’d like! 3. How often Do I have to do the same exercise every time?

How does MyZone know my max heart rate?

This is the whole premise of Myzone–we recognize that so many factors play into max heart rate, including genetics, and have developed a mechanism that honors that by creating a heart rate monitor that can recognize when you’re capable of achieving higher rates of exertion that predicted by an equation.

What does the purple zone mean in MyZone?

It’s not a new Myzone zone (you may recall the Yellow Zone is 80-89%), but it is used in this test to indicate that you are in a particular range in order to keep the test as reliable as possible each time you perform it. You will need to adjust your workload to achieve the Purple Zone before entering the 2 min recovery phase.

How does Myzone measure heart rate?

Myzone will automatically measure your heart rate recovery as the difference in your heart rate (in beats) from the end of the purple phase to the end of the recovery phase, from your peak heart rate to your heart rate 2 minutes after exercise. You’ll see your fitness score (or your recovery) in real time, and your score will automatically upload to the Body Metrics in your Myzone app.

How to get a good MZ score?

There are multiple ways to maximize the reliability of the MZ-Fitness Test: Achieve a Zone Match score of at least 80%. Perform the same modality of exercise each time. Perform your recovery in the same way each time (passive or active) Perform the test at the same time of day.

How long is Zone Match?

The test is simple. It’s an 11-minute Zone Match class available on your Myzone app. The class looks like this:

What is the MZ fitness test?

You may have heard us discuss the importance of assessing our physical fitness, and we’ve shared at length about the importance of heart rate recovery. The MZ-Fitness Test makes assessing our heart rate recovery on a regular basis simple, both inside and outside the gym!

What does it mean to have a good cardiorespiratory score?

Your score is unique to you and is not meant to be compared to others. A good score is one that is improving , meaning you will see a bigger or higher score as you continue regular cardiorespiratory training.

What happens if you exceed 85% of your effort?

If you exceed 85% effort during the test, a warning message will appear. If you exceed 85% effort for more than 40 consecutive seconds, the test will be invalid and will end.

What to do if you have questions about your heart score?

If you have questions about your score and what it means for your heart health, we encourage you to speak with your physician or cardiologist.


The MZ-Fitness test shows how much users heart rate drops in (beats) within 60 seconds after the exercise portion of the test. A higher score may be indicative of a healthier heart.


While the score is unique to individuals and not meant to be compared with others, a general goal is to aim for a decrease of 20 beats per one minute.


When the test is performed, in the last 1 minute (grey) users should stop performing all activity. To see progress, perform this test every 6-8 weeks and aim to keep the test conditions the same, to provide the most accurate and reliable results (i.e. same time of day and mode of exercise).


Users will see their result in the Body Metrics section of the Myzone App.

What does myzone do?

Myzone is the only wearable on the market that automatically recalibrates your max heart rate if it reads that you are capable of sustaining higher levels of intensity. While we have built in algorithms to weed out false readings, if you feel one got through, our support team is happy to review this with you and make any necessary adjustments. Usually, an incorrect reading looks like a spike of red activity that does not fit within the rest of the workout–these stick out and are easy to spot. If you see a great deal of red zone activity and the workout flows as usual, chances are you do need a bump. This is ultimately a good thing–we can’t truly measure and improve without an accurate starting point!

What exercise modalities can increase MHR?

For example, exercisers tend to achieve a higher MHR when running compared to cycling due to more muscle mass utilized in running. Exercises like upper-body Kranking may also elicit a lower MHR due to the smaller muscle mass of the upper body. We recommend that you set your MHR value to be appropriate for the modality of exercise you perform most often.

What is the max heart rate?

Your Max Heart Rate (MHR) is the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity. It is the number you hit just before you have to stop and recover and should be impossible to sustain. It is personal to you–max heart rates may vary greatly between individuals of the same age. This is the whole premise of Myzone–we recognize that so many factors play into max heart rate, including genetics, and have developed a mechanism that honors that by creating a heart rate monitor that can recognize when you’re capable of achieving higher rates of exertion that predicted by an equation. This means your training will truly push you to peak performance.

Does Myzone calculate MHR?

When you enter your age during the registration process , Myzone automatically calculates your age-predicted MHR.

Does high altitude affect heart rate?

Altitude: Acute exposure to high altitudes may cause a temporary decrease in our MHR. We will also have a higher heart rate during submaximal exercise at a high altitude. With continued exposure to high altitude, our MHR should increase and our heart rate during submaximal exercise should decrease compared to when we were first exposed to high altitude.

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