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how to compress dvd files to fit on dvd

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how to compress dvd files to fit on dvd插图

Compress File to Fit DVDUse compression software to reduce the file size to fit a DVD.Change the large file format into a smaller one, for example, from MP4 to FLV.Change the large file parameters like bitrate, resolution, and frame rate.Can burn the video to split into some parts and compress video for DVD.See More….

How can i compress my files?

Method 1 Method 1 of 6: Using 7-Zip for WindowsDownload and install 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a free file compression program you can use to compress large files and folders.Right-click the file or folder you want to compress. A context menu will expand. …Select the 7-Zip menu. …Click Add to Archive. …Select 7z from the Archive Format menu. …Select Ultra from the Compression Level menu. …More items…

What is the best DVD compression software?

Top 7 Best DVD Ripper Transcoding Software for Windows 10/8/7WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Many reviews voted WinX dvd ripper software as their best dvd ripper as it’s easy to use,and it can help you copy the DVD …WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. WonderFox ripping software is an excellent option with just 3-easy steps to complete the dvd ripping process.DVDFab DVD Ripper. …Aimersoft DVD Ripper. …Open Cloner Ripper. …More items…

How do you convert a video file to a DVD?

Click on Add Media.Select Add Video and choose the MP4 files you want to convert.Open the Video tab and click the DVD-Compatible Video presetAdjust your conversion settings by selecting the quality you want.Click the Save to button to decide where you want your converted files to be saved.Click on the Convert button.More items…

How do you compress a large video file?

Method 4 Method 4 of 6: Compressing Large Video FilesDownload Avidemux. To compress a large video into a smaller file,you’ll need compression software that’s specifically for video.Launch Avidemux. You’ll find it in the Windows Start menu or your Mac’s Applications folder. …Open a video file in Avidemux. …Select Mpeg4 AVC (x264) from the Video Output drop-down menu. …More items…

How many GB is an AVI file?

If you have a AVI file which is 1 GB on your hard disk, when you get the video into whatever program you are using, it may get 3 or 4 GB or even larger. Files in AVI, MP4, WMV or other format are compressed files. Most DVD players only recognize video DVD format that encodes in MPEG-2 codec which is different with your video file.

How to burn movies to DVD?

For other settings, you can make DVD menu, edit videos, etc. After that, you can click on "Burn" tab, insert your recordable DVD disc into your DVD drive and burn the movies onto DVD disc. Once the burning is done, put the DVD disc into your DVD player and watch it on your TV. Have fun.

Why is my AVI file bigger than my DVD?

The reason they get larger in size is because of the file format. Let’s take an example to put this in detail. If you have a AVI file which is 1 GB on your hard disk, when you get the video into whatever program you are using, it may get 3 or 4 GB or even larger.

What is the format of a DVD?

Most DVD players only recognize video DVD format that encodes in MPEG-2 codec which is different with your video file. Different video format and video codec has different compression rate. That’s why the imported file will get larger in size when imported into DVD burning program for burning.

What does the green bar on a DVD mean?

Once you’ve changed to D9, you may see the capacity bar is totally green which indicates the movie’s size doesn’t exceed the DVD’s capacity.

Can DVD creator burn AVI?

With DVD Creator, you don’t have to worry about video formats compatible problems. Free Download DVD Creator 31.1MB.

Is DVD 9 enough?

DVD-9 stores more video data which may work for you. If DVD-9 is still not enough, considering making yourself a Blu-ray DVD disc ( Blu-ray Creator) if your conditions are allowed. 2. Another option is to use a program to compress/shrink the file to fit a DVD disc. This might affect the quality a bit.

What is HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the right program to help you compress and convert videos to fit on any of your desired devices or platforms, such as DVDs, Blu-rays, Premiere Pro , etc. in easy steps. Install it now and get the job done in a breeze!

How to load a video into a converter?

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open the Converter. Next, click + Add Files or Add Video Folder to load all the video (s) needed into the converter. Or you can drag and drop the file (s) into the program directly.

How to reduce the size of a DVD?

Now, go to the Parameter settings and find the Bit rate option. Click on the option and choose a lower bitrate from the drop-down list. You can continue to change the frame rate, adjust the aspect ratio (4:3 and 16: 9), or norm ( NTSC and PAL) if you want. Then click OK to save the changes.

How big can a DVD be?

DVDs have capacity limits. The common DVD-5 is capped at 4.7GB. Yet, many of our homemade movies, cam recordings, and lots of other video materials are much bigger than that. It seems to be impossible to burn these files onto such a DVD. But there’s something you might be missing, which is that the original file may not be in the DVD-Video format, and you don’t know whether the video size still exceeds that limit when the video is converted into that format. Generally speaking, since the DVD format has a low resolution (720*480; 720*576) and if your original file is in HD, 1080P, 4K, or even 8K, you’ll get a much smaller file once you’ve converted it to the standard DVD format. And that might just get the problem fixed. (The next part tells the way to convert any video to DVD-Video format as well.)

What is a VOB file?

Note: VOB is the container format in DVD-Video media. Based on the MPEG-2 program stream, VOB is the standard format for DVD. The software has already preset the optimal settings for VOB DVD burning, so you don’t have to configure any parameters yourself.

Can you add multiple videos to a converter?

Tips: If you have multiple videos, you can add them all into the converter for later batch conversion.

Can you cut a video into parts to fit on multiple DVDs?

Alternatively, you can use the trim tool to cut video into several parts to fit on multiple DVDs.

How to compress a DVD in Wonderfox?

Launch WonderFox DVD Video Converter first. At the bottom of the interface, select a folder to store the output video. Then, click on "Load DVD", choose the DVD file you want to compress and then hit "Okay" to start analysis.

How long does it take to compress a 10GB DVD?

Click on "Run" to start compression process. It will only take around several minutes for a 10GB DVD to get completely compressed into around 1~2GB video file. Lastly, you can find the output video in the output folder you preset before.

Is DVD streaming outdated?

Nowadays, with the super-fast development of portable digital players and various kinds of media streaming methods, the traditional way of DVD streaming is gradually becoming outdated for its inconvenience. Media storage techniques (memory/SD card, hard drive, cloud, etc.) are now becoming more and more important as DVDs and DVD players are fading away from our life. Moving DVD videos from discs to hard drives or other devices is the main trend at modern times. Like video compression can save quite a lot storage space by decreasing resolution and bit rate, the newest DVD compression technique reduces DVD size by removing those misleading titles originated from DVD protection methods to make more space in the devices where you want to save your DVD files.

How to burn a DVD to a DVD?

Insert a blank DVD into your computer and choose the burner from the Burn Video to: option, then click on the Burn button to burn your compressed videos to DVD with this DVD compressor.

How to compress a DVD on a Mac?

Open the Wondershare DVD compression tool on your PC/Mac, and you’ll come to the Converter interface by default. Then click on the Document icon on the left-top corner to add your videos to compress and burn.

How to compress a large file to fit on a DVD?

The main methods to compress large files into DVD are: 1. Use compression software to reduce the file size to fit a DVD. 2. Change the large file format into a smaller one, for example, from MP4 to FLV. 3. Change the large file parameters like bitrate, resolution, and frame rate. 4.

How to compress a video file?

2. Make a compatible format to reproduce it with different video players and devices. 3. Compress a video file to change its size. 4. When you compress, it is easier to share a video file to social networks or for email. Part 2.

How many frames per second for a full HD video?

In these times of Full HD and videos running at 60 frames per second, we often get videos with excessive sizes, which take hours to fully upload to YouTube or be recorded in our Dropbox or Google Drive folders, so today we bring you the best DVD compression tool to reduce the weight or size of videos without losing quality, we are talking about Wondershare UniConverter.

Why is it important to reduce the size of a video?

Reducing the size of a video is very common, especially when the size of some videos can take up too much space on your PC, your tablet, or, worse yet, your mobile device. Also, decreasing the size of a video may be necessary if you are trying to burn your video to a DVD.

Can MPEG files be burned to DVD?

The MPEG format cannot fit onto a DVD for then reproduce it as a movie. The first thing you need to do is to convert the file into VOB format and for doing that you need software that allows you to make a conversion from MPEG to VOB format. Most of the digital cameras take photos and record videos with a MPEG format. When we have many videos on your devices, one of the best options is to burn it onto DVD to save space, but many video players cannot reproduce this format. What do we need to do then? Use software to compress the MPEG file to an output format that is compatible with any DVD video player, and we want to help you to choose the best DVD compression software for your projects.

How to burn a DVD to a DVD?

Click on the "Burn" button on the DVD-burning program’s main screen. Wait as the digital video file is compressed so that it can fit on the DVD. Wait as the compressed digital video file is burned onto the DVD. Quit the DVD-burning program when the DVD has been burned. Eject the DVD.

How to encode a video on a DVD?

Highlight the digital video file in the center column of the DVD-burning program’s main screen. Click on the Encoding" button on the DVD-burning program’s main screen to go to the "Encoding" window.

How to burn a DVD on a computer?

Click on the "Tab" button. Move the top tab below the video window to the right until the beginning of the digital video appears. Move the bottom tab below the video window to the right until the digital video ends. Click the "Done" button to return to the DVD-burning program’s main screen.

Where is the DVD burner icon on my computer?

Drag the digital video from the computer’s hard drive into the icon of the DVD-burning program–the icon is on the desktop or in the Dock at the left side of the screen or at the bottom of the screen.

ZANDER85 Member

I have just downloaded [bold] Saving Private Ryan [/bold] from Bearshare and I now want to compress this so it should fit on a 4.7 GB DVD. Can someone please give me some help on how to do this?

aljoe817 Member

Please do not mention any P2P file sharing programs on forums as afterdawn does not condone copyright infringement.

ZANDER85 Member

Oh right I won’t metion it again. The file is in [bold] avi [/bold] format and is 679MB long. I have heard people talking about compressing files before burning onto DVD but I just don’t know how to do it

aljoe817 Member

Compressing files makes them smaller, what you need to do in this instance is to encode the file (make it bigger).There are several programs available, some free,others not, my personal preference is WinAvi video converter (free trial available), to encode the .avi file to mpeg2 which is DVD format for later burning to DVD.

arniebear Active member

Compressing files makes them smaller, what you need to do in this instance is to encode the file (make it bigger).

ZANDER85 Member

Thanks Guys, I’ll try the advice given. If I still have problems then I will contact you again. Thanks very much, much appreciated

How to open 7GB ISO file?

Load the 7GB ISO file from the ISO-shrinking software. After launching the software, you’ll see the option "Open Disc Image" under the "Open" tab. Specific placement of this option may vary. The software will automatically configure settings and compression ratios for the video, text and audio in the ISO file.

What is ISO format?

The ISO format is a high-compression data format. It is used to fit larger files into DVDs. Even though the available space in a DVD is 4.7GB, games and movies packaged in DVDs as ISO files turn bigger when extracted. This solution is not only available for industry use. Individuals can also fit big ISO files in regular DVD disks by shrinking with special software.

How to burn a DVD on a computer?

Launch your DVD authoring software. This is the program you use to burn disks on your computer. Common examples include Nero and Roxio. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.

Can you burn an ISO on a DVD?

Burn the ISO on the DVD disk. You should see an option to burn an ISO DVD or a Data DVD. When the write process is completed, the disk will be ejected and/or you will be prompted.

Can you tweak ISO compression settings?

Tweak the compression settings yourself. Often the default compression settings are not what you’d like. You can sacrifice some parts of the ISO for higher quality in other parts to save space.

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