how to cancel retro fitness account

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To cancel your Retro Fitness membership:Get in touch with your gym and confirm your eligibility to apply for cancellationWrite a cancellation letter including your full name,date of birth and billing addressPost the letter through certified mail to the address of your local gymYou will receive confirmation that your membership has been cancelled

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  • Will My Retro Fitness membership be credited when the gym reopens?

  • If you have not yet seen your account charge for Retro Fitness please take into note to check for the month of March when measures to close all nonessential businesses went into effect! I had only yesterday seen on the news another gym chain charging its members exactly the same by responding that they will be credited when the gym reopens.

  • Why Retro Fitness get Real?

  • At Retro Fitness, Get Real is our promise of offering an honest and simple approach to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether your ambitions are big or small, we have an inclusive community of people just like yourself where we offer a low-cost membership with far greater value than others! Join Today

  • What happens when you freeze your Retro Fitness account?

  • I froze my account a year ago and noticed I was being charged for services not rendered. I called Retro Fitness in Stroudsburg PA and explained that I was being charged for services I was not using. I was told that after a year your account unfreezes and charges restart.

  • How many reviews does Retro Fitness have?

  • Retro Fitness: 94 Reviews and Ratings (with FAQ) | ConsumerAffairs Write A Review Login Buyers Guides Auto Best Extended Car Warranties Best Online Car Buying

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