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how to cancel my anytime fitness

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Can I cancel my monthly plan at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel or change your monthly plan at any time.

How can I Cancel my Lifetime Fitness membership?

This is how:Write a letter requesting termination of your membershipProvide your membership information within the letterAsk for a confirmation of your cancellation by emailKeep a copy of your signed letter for yourselfMail the request to the address of your local club

What is the phone number for Anytime Fitness?

You can read reviews to find out what people mentioned as positive moments and cons in their visiting Anytime Fitness. For scheduling an appointment with a professional you should use the phone number +1 (610) 692-64-00 To contact with the centre you can pay a visit to it in West Chester, PA 19382, 1502 West Chester Pike.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

– FeedbackWhiz Can I cancel my subscription anytime? Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Under account settings, my subscription. Have more questions?

Is There a Free Trial With Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness offers its new members a free seven-day pass. To start your free trial, you have to:

How long does it take to cancel DoNotPay?

DoNotPay will cancel your membership within the following two days, and you will be notified via email as soon as the cancellation is over. You’ll spare yourself the trouble of going through their convoluted cancellation process.

Why was DoNotPay invented?

DoNotPay was invented out of the need to make life easier, and that’s exactly what it can do for you.

How long can you pause a prepaid membership?

If you have a prepaid membership, the minimum freeze period is two weeks.

How long does it take to cool off from Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness allows for a seven-day cooling-off period. Within those seven days, you get a chance to change your mind.

Is Anytime Fitness open?

Even with this cool convenience, you might have decided that Anytime Fitness isn’ t for you. DoNotPay can help you terminate your membership.

Can you sue a company in small claims court?

DoNot Pay can help you take them to court and get awarded damages. With the help of our state-of-the-art, award-winning app, you can sue any company in small claims court. DoNotPay will fill out legal forms for you and generate a script that you can use to aid you in your legal battle.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Online

You can terminate your Anytime Fitness membership online from the comfort of wherever you are.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership In Person

If you wish to cancel your Anytime Fitness the conventional way, that is also possible. Here is how to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership in person:

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Over Phone

Besides the online and in-person methods, you can also cancel your Anytime Fitness membership through the phone.

Anytime Fitness cancellation fee

Anytime Fitness does have a cancellation fee. However, how much you would have to pay, depends on several factors.

Final Thoughts

Not saying Anytime Fitness is a worthless gym from where you would run away the very first day; it is indeed a great place to get in shape. But if you ever feel like the gym is not up to your expectations, you don’t have to stick around, just terminate the membership.

How do I cancel my membership at Anytime Fitness?

You’ll need to do the following in order to terminate your membership:

Does Anytime Fitness charge cancellation fee?

Is there a penalty if I choose to terminate my contract? The cancellation procedures for each site are detailed in the membership agreement for that particular location. The agreement outlines the cost of canceling, how to cancel, and extra information on any additional termination costs you may be charged in the event of a cancellation.

Can you cancel gym membership online?

Membership cancellations cannot be made over the phone, on the Planet Fitness website, or even by email. There are just two formal choices available to you: visiting in person or mailing a letter.

Why can’t I cancel my Anytime Fitness membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership sooner than intended, certain Anytime Fitness facilities may charge you a cancellation fee if you do so.

How can I get out of my gym membership contract?

Many gyms require members to provide a letter of cancellation that has been notarized in order to end their membership. This is a letter that has been officially notarized by a notary public. When composing the letter, be sure to include your full name, address, email address, and phone number as well as any other pertinent information. You must also include the account number for your gym.

How do you write a letter to cancel a gym membership?

Many gyms demand members to provide a letter of cancellation that has been notarized in order to end a contract with them. An official notary public has signed this letter, which is valid. Keep in mind to include your full name, address, e-mail address, as well as your phone number, in your letter. Your gym account number should also be included.

Can I cancel my gym direct debit?

It is possible for you to discontinue your Membership at any moment by canceling the direct debit mandate with your financial institution. Your Membership will be terminated with immediate effect, and you will not be entitled to a refund. Send an email to [email protected] and request that your account be cancelled.

Give us feedback!

To provide feedback for a specific club (e.g. great service, suggestions, etc.) click the button below.

I want to sign up for a membership or find a club

If you would like to join or find a specific Anytime Fitness club, please use the Club Locator. Once you’ve found the desired club, their address, phone, email, and web information will be displayed.

I have billing errors or need to change account information

All billing inquiries are handled by ABC Fitness Solutions. They can be contacted at:

I want to cancel my membership

As each club is independently owned and operated, and each state has different cancellation policies, please review your Membership Agreement prior to contacting your home club. Your specific cancellation policy will be outlined on that agreement.
If you have concerns about canceling your membership, contact your home club directly.

How many months does Anytime Fitness have?

At Anytime Fitness, you’ll find varying membership options dependent on your location. Some gyms offer 6, 12 and 18-month options, but you’ll need to check with your local Anytime Fitness to learn about the different types of membership plans available.

How many people are in a group workout at Anytime Fitness?

Small group training is similar to personal training, only it’s more fun as there are typically 2-4 people in a session. Team workouts include 5+ people and provide accountability and an energy-filled atmosphere that keeps you motivated. Make sure to check with your local gym to learn more about personal and team training.

How to change payment settings on Anytime Fitness?

If you would like to change payment settings, update bil ling or change the credit card on your account, please reach out to our billing provider, ABC Financial Services, at 888-827-9262. ABC Financial Services hosts all payment information and processing for Anytime Fitness, and they will help you update payment methods and billing information.

What does it mean when your access key is defective?

A defective access key could mean a number of things: billing problems, lockout or there could be an issue with the door of the location. Your home location will be able to help you find a solution.

What is the phone number for ABC Financial?

If you were charged twice or believe you’ve been charged extra, our billing provider, ABC Financial, can help resolve the issue! Please reach out to their Financial Services line directly at 888-827-9262 for any billing-related questions or concerns.

Is there an age limit for Anytime Fitness?

While there isn’t a set age limit, each of our Anytime Fitness locations must comply with state laws on age requirements and age restrictions. Check in with your local gym to learn what the age policy is near you.

Does Anytime Fitness have a family membership?

Our clubs offer a variety of membership options and some locations offer family membership plans and joint memberships. The great thing about Anytime Fitness is that each club is unique, and their membership plans are, too! To find out which membership options are available near you, please visit our Find a Gym page and connect with us!

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