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how to cancel 10 gym fitness membership

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You can call 10 Fitness at(501) 712-3992and ask customer support to cancel your membership. It is the easiest way you can cancel 10 Fitness yourself. Unfortunately, there is no information about the working hours of 10 Fitness customer support, so it would be a good idea to call around noon since most companies work at that time.

How do I Cancel my Gold’s gym membership?

You can cancel your Gold’s Gym membership in person by going to your local club. This method is very simple, especially if you live pretty close to a Gold’s Gym location. To cancel, you have to go to the front desk of the club and ask for a cancellation form. Then, you should fill it out with the necessary information, sign it and submit it.

How much does it cost to cancel a membership?

Cancellation fees vary depending on purchase date. Early cancellation fees for memberships purchased prior to 2019 are $49. Memberships purchased after 2019 have a $79 early cancel fee. Q: Are your locations staffed overnight?

Can I use my 10 Fitness membership at multiple locations?

If you wish to use multiple locations you can upgrade to our Premium or Level 10 membership, which also gives you the benefits of VIP Guest Privileges, Unlimited Group Exercise Classes, Unlimited Tanning, and more. Q: Is my 10 Fitness membership valid at all locations?

How long does it take for Gold’s gym to refund money?

If the process is not completed within three days, Gold’s Gym will then go on to enroll the person in the non-refundable standard membership plan. If an individual also submits a cancellation request to the Gold’s Gym management, it may take up to 10 business days for the refunds to be processed.

What is a virtual credit card?

The virtual credit card is there to conceal your bank account information using a random credit card number and expiration date. You won’t have to worry about any auto-renewal charges to your personal account once you start using DoNotPay’s virtual credit card!

Does DoNotPay cancel?

DoNotPay has a cancellation wizard that can take care of canceling services for you. With the help of our app, you can save time and money. Follow the instructions to cancel 10 Fitness quickly:

Where is 10 Fitness located?

If you have nerves of steel, you can opt for this method. The official corporate office address of 10 Fitness is 1428 Merrill Dr, Little Rock, AR 72211.

Is 10 Fitness a good gym?

10 Fitness is a chain of gym and fitness centers in the United States. If you wish to leave the gym and work out at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should cancel your membership. 10 Fitness may not be the best option even for those who want to keep working out in a gym—it has many negative reviews.

Can you dispute parking tickets with DoNotPay?

Want to challenge a parking ticket? DoNotPay can dispute parking citations in any city! Is someone getting revenue from your creative work? Cut the thieves off with DoNotPay!

How do I cancel my fitness for 10 membership?

In order to terminate a membership, you must provide written notice by completing a cancellation form in person at the club , writing a certified letter to Fitness for $10, 1903 West Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, or sending an email to [email protected]

How do I cancel my gym membership by email?

It is possible that you may need to send a letter to your gym via certified mail in order to terminate your contract . Certified mail serves as confirmation that the letter has been received (some clubs may specify require cancellations to be made in person or over the phone, so check your contract or the gym’s website carefully before canceling your membership).

Is Planet Fitness publicly traded?

As the stock of Planet Fitness continued to fall in early March, CEO Chris Rondeau began making the first open-market purchases of the business’s stock since the company went public in 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal.

How do I write a letter to cancel my gym membership?

The following are the steps to take while writing a Gym Membership Cancellation Letter: The applicant should include their personal information as well as the date on which they expect to complete the course. Provide information about the gym, including the name of the gym manager. Make a formal announcement to the fitness facility manager that you intend to cancel your membership.

Can a gym membership hurt your credit?

In a nutshell, sure. If you fail to pay your gym membership payments on time, your account may be placed in collections, which would leave a significant bad record on your credit report. A gym subscription is no different than any other recurrent expense.

How do I get a refund from my fitness pal?

If you decide to discontinue MyFitnessPal Premium, you will not be entitled to a refund for any unused time remaining in your membership. You are permitted to continue using the app until the end of your current paying month. If you terminate your free trial, you will not be able to continue using the service.

How much is MyFitnessPal subscription?

MyFitnessPal offers two levels of service: a free tier and a Premium subscription. Premium is $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year, whichever is more. You can track your food and calories, as well as your exercise, weight, and a few other parameters, with a free account.

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