how to become a wbff pro fitness model

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  • What is the WBFF Australia Pro/Am?

  • The WBFF Australia PRO/AM is open to both amateur and pro competitors. We have all the amateur categories that we have at our regular shows (excluding Transformation which is exclusive to the Gold Coast Sydney show). We also have the addition of the professional categories.

  • What is WBFF Kids World model and talent?

  • WBFF Kids World Model and Talent welcomes all aspiring kids of all ages from around the world in a fun filled welcoming and family atmosphere here at WBFF Entertainment.

  • Who can compete with WBFF members?

  • Amateur Competitors 鈥?Yes, the WBFF allows any of its members to compete in any event they choose as an amateur competitor. As an amateur competitor you cannot be suspended from competing with multiple organizations.

  • How do I get a WBFF pro card?

  • A competitor who competes in our show may be awarded their WBFF Pro Card at the judge鈥檚 discretion, if they display the qualities of a WBFF Pro. Winning your division does not automatically guarantee a Pro Card.

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