how to become a fitness instructor at ymca

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Take specialized classesprovided by the YMCA, such as the 鈥淧rinciples of YMCA Health and Fitness Certification,鈥?to become a YMCA personal trainer. People have the option of taking those courses in 15 weeks or complete them at their own pace. Pass the assessment outlined by thre YMCA that is necessary to become one of their personal trainers.

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  • How do I become a YMCA water fitness instructor?

  • YMCA water fitness instructor job listings specify certification by the Aquatic Exercise Association, AEA, or an equivalent certification 1 2. If you choose a certification other than AEA, it is highly recommended that you contact the YMCA or other facility at which you wish to work and make sure your chosen certification is accepted.

  • What is the YMCA certification?

  • With branches across the United States,the YMCA 鈥?also referred to as the Y 鈥?has several nationally recognized fitness certification programs. The Y provides many community resources as part of its focus and commitment to helping people in communities around the globe. Fitness and healthy living have been…

  • What are the requirements to become a YMCA certified personal trainer?

  • You need to complete courses on basic theories of health, including anatomy, nutrition, training and specialized courses such as choreography, resistance training and individual conditioning in order to qualify for YMCA certification.

  • What is the YMCA healthy lifestyle principles certification?

  • The YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Principles certification is a prerequisite for all other Y-based USA Health and Fitness certification programs. The course provides theoretical and practical information for instructors in all YMCA health and fitness programs.

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