how to attach compression fittings

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To connecta copper pipe to a compressionfitting, first, slide the nut that comes with the fitting over the end of the pipe you鈥檙e attachingthe fittingtoo. Then, slide the 鈥榦live鈥?over the same end. After that, put the fitting on it, hand tighten the nut to the fitting, and tighten it with a spanner.

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  • How do you attach compression fittings to a pipe?

  • Fit the compression fitting onto the pipe (or fit the pipe into the fitting, as applicable) until the pipe stops inside the fitting. Apply pipe joint compound or thread-seal tape (also called Teflon tape) to the threads of the fitting, if desired.

  • What are compression fittings used for in plumbing?

  • They are most commonly found on water shutoff valves, or stop valves, the type used on faucet and toilet water supply pipes. There are also compression union fittings that join two pipes in a straight line. Compression fittings offer an easy-to-install alternative to traditional soldered plumbing connections.

  • What are the two surfaces of a compression fitting?

  • The two surfaces are the body of the fitting (be it a valve, connector or any other type) and the nut. Using a spanner and a pair of grips the nut is tightened. This exerts pressure on the olive and bites it onto the pipe. Compression fittings work well if the pipe is clean and cut properly.

  • What is a compression ring on a pipe?

  • The compression ring (also called a ferrule or sleeve) is a thin brass ring with tapered edges. Once the pipe and fitting are together, you slide the ring against the fitting, then thread the nut onto the fitting.

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