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Google Fit is already installed on most Wear OS by Google watches. If you can’t find it, you can get it from thePlay Store. If the screen is dim, tap it to wake up the watch. To go to your list of apps, press the Power button. Scroll down and tap Play Store.

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  • How do I get Started with Google Fit?

  • Once downloaded, you’ll need to use your Google account (that’s the same one you created to first set up your phone or smartwatch) to log in and access Google Fit. There used to be a web version of the Google Fit app, but that is now gone.

  • Can I See my Mi Fit activity on Google Fit?

  • You should now be able to see your activities show up on Google Fit, with the words 鈥淢i Fit鈥?displaying next to any data that appears on the app.

  • How do I get a copy of my Google Fit data?

  • Google Fit houses a range of your vital health data that you have recorded over the course of months or even years using your phone, which is why it鈥檚 key to frequently back it up. With Google鈥檚 data export tool, Takeout, you can extract a copy of your Google Fit in minutes.

  • How do I sync other apps to Google Fit?

  • If you want to sync other apps to Google Fit to pull in the data to the Fit app, it’s done in roughly the same way: Step 1. Go to the third party app (Runkeeper or Strava for example) and find the settings menu. Step 2. Locate the option where you are able to connect other services and or link other services.

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