how tight should a speedo fit

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  • How should Speedos fit?

  • Speedos should sit on or just above the hip and pelvic line, and lie flat against the body on all sides. The bottom should be fully covered. The seams and elastics should be fitted and snug but not tight. Be sure that nothing personal is exposed, including pubic hair.

  • What is a Speedo?

  • Speedo is a brand of swimwear, but the term popularly defines a small, short and tight bathing suit worn by men. Speedos are designed for swimming, as their lightweight, slick fabric and skin-hugging shape helps to increase a swimmer’s speed.

  • Can you wear a speedo with swim briefs?

  • Unfortunately yes, there鈥檚 no way around this. Like everyone else wearing swim briefs, you just need to pick it and move on with your life. On the bright side, your speedo shouldn鈥檛 fall off on a pool slide. If you find it falling to your ankles that easily, you should consider buying swim briefs in a smaller size.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your Speedo?

  • We get it 鈥?there鈥檚 a lot to think about when you鈥檙e wearing a speedo. It鈥檚 only human to feel uneasy in swim briefs, especially with your junk front and center. You might even have some concerns on your mind that are just too awkward to ask face to face.

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