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how should tieks fit

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How Do Tieks Fit? Ideally,your Tieks should fitcomfortably around your footwithout being too snug or feeling as though they might slip off. If your Tieks arrive and they feel way too tight or way too loose,contact customer service and request an exchange.

How do I choose the right size for my Tieks?

If you wear a half size I recommend you round up (ex. If you wear size 7.5 order a size 8) Wear your Tieks around the house to “break them in” (remember once you wear them outside you can’t return or exchange them) Make sure you’re happy with them (this goes for fit and color)

Do Tieks ballet flats run true to size?

Yes, for the most part. Tieks ballet flats run true to size with a few exceptions. Obviously, if you wear a half size you won’t be able to order your usual size since Tieks doesn’t offer half sizes. In this case, Tieks recommends sizing down.

Can I stretch out my Tieks?

If your Tieks are a half size or less too small, it’s possible to stretch them using a few different techniques. If they’re off more than a half size though, it’s going to be hard to stretch your Tieks to the right fit. These are the best ways to stretch out your Tieks if they’re slightly too small:

Can I wear Tieks anywhere in the US?

We’ll even pay the shipping both ways anywhere in the U.S.!” When you receive your Tieks, try them on at home and walk around indoorson clean floors, to see if you have the right size. Do not wear your Tieks outdoors until you’re sure you have the right size!

Where Can I Try on Tieks?

I feel you. I rarely buy a pair of shoes, especially with a $175+ price tag, without trying them on first.

What to do if you need arch support for long walks?

If you’re looking for additional arch support for long walks, I’d recommend buying a good pair of walking shoes or purchasing a pair of insoles that are designed for flats – like these .

How to make bumps on toes visible?

But it’s still there. The good news is that there are ways to make the bump more subtle by using moleskin. All you have to do is cut a half circle of moleskin to fit into the toe area of your Tieks.

How to soften tieks?

toes) – make sure it’s not too close to avoid heat damage. The heat will help soften the material up. Next, slip on some thick socks and put on your Tieks.

How to tell if your tikes are too big?

The best way to know if your Tieks are too big is if your heel comes out at all while you’re walking in them.

How to stretch shoes?

Use a Shoe Stretcher – Use a leather stretching solution to prepare the shoe, then put the shoe stretcher inside the shoe. Twist the knob until you see pressure on the outside of the shoe. Don’t overstretch, usually 3-4 turns is fine. Leave the stretcher on overnight and try on the shoes in the morning.

Can you wear socks with tikes?

Although I’ve always worn my Tieks without socks and I’ve never had any issues with odor, you can wear socks with Tieks.

Why do you wear tikes around the house?

Wear your Tieks around the house to “break them in” (remember once you wear them outside you can’t return or exchange them)

Does Tieks have a customer service team?

So when you’re ready to make the purchase just know that Tieks has an awesome customer service team on hand to help you make sure you have the perfect fit! The hardest part is choosing the color.

What is the point of my post?

The point of my post is to help make sure you’re getting the best fit with your Tieks. So here are my 4 tips:

I have had Tieks for a few years now, so I wanted to answer some questions I often get on Tieks sizing. Different material requires different sizing

The most common question I get around my favorite pair of flats are Tieks sizing and when Tieks go on sale. I’m here to give you the scoop!

Tieks Sizing

Tieks sizing is pretty simple. If you are a whole size, get that size. If you are a half size, round up! They do take a while to break in depending on which line you purchase (see Tieks Classic versus Vegan headline below). But overall, the rule of thumb is to round up if you are a half size.

Tieks Discounts

There are none. Not even on Black Friday. Tieks do not have Black Friday sales. Ba-humbug. They do come out with a new color sometimes (like 2016 was a champagne color).

Tieks Classic versus Vegan

If you are already sold on a pair of Tieks and are wondering which of their lines to order from, here are my tips. Please note that while these sound like cons, I just want you to know that I wear these almost EVERY day. Which means that these shoes get a lot of wear and tear. Like literally every day.

Are Tieks Worth The Price

I know the price is a hard pill to swallow, but they are SO worth it. I’ve heard others say they could get a pair of Tory Burch (s) for the same price. However, I have been told they are not quite as comfortable and can rub on your heels. You could probably get fifteen pair of Target flats for the same price.

Tieks Comfort

As a weekend wedding photographer, I’m sometimes on my feet for 12 hours straight. So I would say 14 hours total. Yes, crazy. And they are still comfy at the end of the night!

Do you really love your Tieks?

I’ll just cut to the chase and answer your biggest question (in case it isn’t already apparent). I’m a budget-conscious repeat customer that keeps returning to drop upwards of $150 on a pair of shoes.

Why are Lovestruck shoes so comfortable?

I honestly believe that the reason my Lovestruck pair is so comfortable is that they stretched and became more supple with time. Many women receive their Tieks in the mail and are concerned because the shoes fit, but feel too tight to comfortably be worn for an extended period of time.

Why does my big toe wear down?

If your Tieks put pressure on your big toe (like they do for me), you may begin to notice that your big toenail actually starts to wear down the inside of the leather fabric. The same thing is currently happening in my Tieks and I loved this idea to prevent too much damage inside of the shoe.

Why do my shoes squeak when I wear a size up?

I’m pretty sure the squeak is due to the fact that I size up and my feet slide a tiny bit inside of the shoes. When my feet slide on top of the leather, the friction and pressure make a squeaking sound. The good news is that the squeak is only temporary. It generally lasts a few days and gradually decreases throughout the day. As the leather insole softens and conforms to your foot, the squeak goes away.

How long does it take to get a tikek?

One thing you can count on when you order a pair of Tieks is incredibly fast, free shipping for US customers that arrives within 2-4 days (returns are always free too!). Additional options for express delivery are also available at check out. International shipping is also available. These options display during the checkout process before you supply credit card information. I love that one customer, Jess, even knew Tieks shipping times:

What is a broken in tike?

A broken-in pair of Tieks is a comfortable pair of Tieks. If you’re looking for a way to fast-forward through the break-in period, a few customers have commented that they had success stretching their own Tieks that felt a little too snug when they first arrived. These tips are great and I can’t wait to try them myself the next time I purchase a new pair of Tieks.

Do tikes fold in half?

Tieks do offer more support than you would expect from a flat pair of sandals that folds in half. Rob and I recently had a weekend getaway in Saugatuck. I wore my Romantic Blush Tieks on a very long walk one day and didn’t suffer from any support-related tiredness or pain in my feet.

What are the most comfortable flats?

Tieks are by far the most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn. From soft leather uppers and non-elasticized heels to their rubber soles in eye-catching Tieks blue, Tieks just fitand feel great on my feet from the very first step.

What is the problem with tieks?

The number one issue most people experience with Tieks is scuffing, especially on the toes and heels. This is a normal part of wear and tear on most shoes, unfortunately!

Does Tieks have coupons?

Tieks Coupons. Similar to their no-sale policy, Tieks also doesn’t offer coupons. While they did have a special campaign in Summer 2020 for frontline workers ( Tieks for Heroes) that offered a special discount, there are no other Tieks coupons or discount codes.

Does Tieks ship free?

Tieks offers free shipping in the U.S.! That’s a nice benefit given how much the shoes cost on their own. If you live outside the U.S., shipping does add an extra arm and leg, unfortunately (it varies by country). I’ve never tried it, but you could look into a service like Grabr to have someone bring you Tieks on their own travels!

Why are Tieks so successful?

Besides offering a quality product, I really think Tieks has been so successful throughout the years because of their great customer service.

How are tikes supposed to fit?

How are Tieks supposed to fit? Tieks should be snug but not too tight.

Why are tikes so confusing?

Tieks sizing can get confusing real quick due to the fact that some styles of Tieks fit differently than others.

What color should I wear with tikes?

Unless you’re really set on having a statement pair of Tieks that are bright and colorful, I usually recommend getting a somewhat neutral color for your first pair of Tieks.

Why are tikes so popular?

Tieks are so popular in large part because they know how to market their brand really well.

Why do I love Pacific green tikes?

I love my Pacific Green Tieks because they add a little color, but they’re still subtle enough to go with most of my outfits.

What is the most important part of buying a tike?

One of the most important parts of purchasing the perfect pair of Tieks is making sure you get the right size.

Do tikes fit a 12?

I have a very wide foot, so I size up to a 12, and I never wear a 12. My friends with narrow feet sometimes size down. If you are a true half size with a normal-width foot, stick to the original leather and size down. If you need arch support, Tieks may not be for you—at least not without fancy inserts.

Do tikeks come in different colors?

Tieks come in dozens of great colors. Would I like one of each? Yes please. At least that’s what I thought until I ordered some feather grey Tieks to replace a busted pair. (That happens; hang tight.)

Was the gold tikes fine?

It was fine. I was wearing my gold Tieks ( starstruck, to be precise ) and got compliments on my shoes all night.

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