how should snow boots fit

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Your snowboard boots should fit your feet like a glove fits a hand. With the liner in,you should feel contact all around your foot. The boots will gain internal volume or pack out after a few days of wear.

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  • How to choose the right snow boots for your feet?

  • When buying snow boots for narrow feet or snow boots for wider feet, always make the effort to shop around and try on a large range of different styles to find your perfect fit. Be sure to walk around in every pair your try on to give you a feel for how the shoes will fit when you鈥檙e on the go.

  • How should ski boots fit?

  • Their sizes are more general than boots, usually small/medium, medium/large and large/extra large. Your boots should be gripped securely in the bindings, with a snug fit on the heel. When your boots are in properly, they should not hang over the sides of the bindings too much, and should be able to flex as you move.

  • Do snowboard boots come in different sizes?

  • The sizing for a pair of snowboard boots should be much the same as the size you choose for any other shoe. As well as foot sizing, snowboard boots will vary in flex. This denotes the amount of support they provide, from soft through to firm. Bear in mind, different manufacturers can have different sizing.

  • Do snow boots need socks?

  • This very much depends on the style of snow boots you鈥檙e buying. Snow boots are designed to be a wider, roomier fit to make room for the thick fleece lining and any socks that you may choose to wear.

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