how should lacrosse gloves fit

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  • What makes a good lacrosse glove?

  • The majority of lacrosse gloves are designed to have a contoured fit profile that completely encapsulate the player鈥檚 hands for a more natural tight fit. This will provide maximum protection and flexibility.

  • What equipment do you need for lacrosse?

  • Lacrosse gloves are considered to be the most significant items of equipment that you will purchase. They are responsible for the overall feel of your stick, and take a beating from the opposing defensemen. Ideally, the player is going to want the gloves that will allow them to have the most natural feel over the stick.

  • Why do lacrosse gloves have creases?

  • You will notice that lacrosse gloves are segmented with several creases throughout their design. This allows the player to have higher levels of flexibility and mobility without sacrificing protection. When it comes to preference in sizing; some players like to have a skin-tight-fit, while others prefer a more loose and flexible-fit.

  • How do I contact Lax for help fitting gloves?

  • If you have any questions about fitting gloves, or which are the best choices for your player’s age, ability, and budget. Give one of our Pros a call at 855-255-5294 or email [email protected] if you need more help. Sign up for new releases, promos and Lax highlights.

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