how should hockey skates fit

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Very snug

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  • How should ice skates fit?

  • If you’re not used to them, the question of how ice skates should fit is an important one. Most people will say hockey skates should fit tight鈥攂ut how tight? For youth sizes, you should be able to place one finger between the inside of the boot and the heel of your foot.

  • How to choose the right hockey skates for You?

  • Now get into an athletic stance (the hockey stance) in this stance your heel should lock more into place and your toes should not be rubbing on the toe cap anymore. The stiffness of your skates is also important when considering the right fit. Some skates are designed with very stiff boots and some are designed with less stiff boots.

  • What size hockey skates should my child wear?

  • Fitting youth hockey skates is simple. Youth skates should fit 1 鈥?1.5 sizes smaller than the child鈥檚 normal street shoes. Toes should barely touch the toe cap, and there should be a maximum of of space in the heel.

  • How do I know if my skates are the right size?

  • The finger test will ensure your skates are the right size, and that you have the right ankle fit. Lace the skate up tight as if you are going to play hockey. Lean forward and bend your knees (like you are in the hockey stance). Now reach back to the heel of the skate and see how much of a gap there is between your heel and the skate.

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